3 Chic Ways to Store Your Jewelry

If you're as jewelry-obsessed as we are, then it can likely be assumed that you're quickly running out of storage space. If you're someone who's concerned with protecting your jewels without compromising your sense of style then you're in luck. We've rounded up the three most chic ways to store your jewelry. 


1. The Jewelry Box

We likely all eyed our mother's jewelry boxes growing up. However, far from the overwhelmingly drawered storage bins of the past, simplified versions are now doing our dressers a favor. Elegant, clean, and with more than enough room for your most cherished pieces. 

Anthropologie Marble Inlay Jewelry Box, $58.00

2. The Jewelry Pouch 

Whether you decide to use your nighttime clutch as a daytime storage space or invest in a designated pouch for your jewels alone, the biggest benefit of this storage style is its transportability. Toss into your carry-on before take-off and you're set! 

Claflin, Thayer & Co Mini-Lips Jewelry Bag, $29.00

3. The Jewelry Dish 

Modernized takes on the soap dish have resulted in the use of materials such as leather and experimentation with both shapes and colors. The result is updated and sophisticated. Beats the Florida souvenir soap dish you've been using, right? 

Anthropologie Leather Triangle Trinket Dish, $18.00