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Behind the scenes at our Cities in Dust + Astrowifey photo shoot

Posted by Jourdan Fairchild on

What does it take to pull together a photo shoot? A great space, some pretty props and a distinct point of view. To give our first collaboration a chance to really shine, we put the creative power in the hands of its makers: Meghan Lorenz of Cities in Dust and Ashley Crowe. Lorenz stepped in as a hand model (how gorgeous are her hands?!) while Crowe worked her magic to dream up a white, teal and black nail art design. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of how it all went down.



"I wanted to create a set of nails that would frame our ring and be simplistic enough to not overshadow it. Meghan mentioned her love for the combo of red and teal, so we incorporated those colors." – Ashley Crowe


"This is the fourth time that Ashley and I have worked together for a still-life photo shoot, so it came together naturally for us. We pulled in elements from our mood board: a silk palm leaf from my studio, a David Bowie photo, a vintage mannequin hand, and brass props." - Meghan Lorenz