Jewelry Brought to You By the Cosmos


Haylie Johnston is the designer behind the jewelry line Entropy. Haylie looks to the universe for inspiration: the natural sculptures that form in crystals and minerals, the phases of the moon and astronomy. Her latest collection entitled The Cosmos Collection features statement pieces like chunky brass collars and arm cuffs that come from her studies of the sun, the moon, the stars...and crystal balls of course. Each mystical piece is made with love by hand in her New York studio.

4 things to know about Haylie Johnston of Entropy

1. I'm inspired by the uniqueness of New Yorkers I pass on the street every day, by cracks in the sidewalk, peeling paint on the wall and ripples in the sand. There's beauty all around us.

2. Entropy is 3 years old. My background is in Fine Arts, making paintings and sculptures but I found that with jewelry I could make wearable sculptures and art and incorporate my passion for crystals.

3. If I wasn't a jewelry designer, I'd be wandering the world discovering new places.

4. Entropy is inspired by the mathematical elements of the universe: the natural geometric sculptures that form crystals and minerals, astronomy and the mapping of space, the phases of the moon and the flow of time. 

All images from @entropyjewelry