A Note From our Founder (plus Her Favorite Jewels)

Local Eclectic founder Alexis Nido-Russo

A note from our founder, Alexis Nido-Russo:

This holiday season marks the 8 year anniversary of Local Eclectic and I'm so grateful for the support of all our customers who have kept us in business throughout the years!

Whether you're anxiously awaiting your first order or you've been with us from the start....I see you and I appreciate you! Part of our mission is to offer fair pricing 365 days a year so we rarely run sales or promotions but our Black Friday sale is the one time a year that we offer a site-wide discount of 20% off. This won't happen again until next year so now is the time to deck your jewelry box halls, through Monday 11/29!

The team asked me to make a list of "founders picks" but asking me to pick my favorite jewelry from Local Eclectic is like asking me to pick a favorite child....it changes daily. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I love everything we sell but here's a few that I already own or are at the top of my wishlist this week!

Solid Gold Simple Oblong Hoops

solid gold simple oblong hoops

Shop the look: Solid Gold Simple Oblong Hoops

I love the unique shape of these classic hoop earrings. Also Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing them and she makes everything look better!

Solid Gold Sparkle Link Chain

solid gold sparkle link chain

Shop the look: Solid Gold Sparkle Link Chain

A solid gold chain under $100 (and only $79 during our Black Friday sale) this is basically the little black dress of jewelry, everyone should have this piece in their collection ;) 

Bombe Diamond Ring

Bombe Diamond Ring

Shop the look: Bombe Diamond Ring, Ouroboros Diamond Snake Ring

Kristina - the brains behind Charlie and Marcelle - designed this ring after after a vintage ring that I found in Paris. It's even better than the vintage one I found and I wear mine every day!

90's Alien Earrings

90s Alien Earrings

Shop the look: 90's Alien Earrings

These are even cuter in person and I'm a sucker for anything extraterrestrial #thetruthisoutthere

Birth Flower Signet Ring

Birth Flower Signet Ring

Shop the look: Birth Flower Signet Ring

This is a style I was SO excited to launch earlier this year. Everyone knows about birthstones but there are also flowers attached to each month as well. And fun fact, the idea for this style actually came from an instagram comment.

Vintage 18k Heart Lock and Key Pearl Earrings

vintage heart lock and key pearl earrings

Shop the look: Vintage 18k Heart Lock and Key Pearl Earrings

This is a vintage piece I found while sourcing vintage in Paris earlier this year. I'm shocked that it hasn't sold yet and I might end up keeping them for my personal collection if someone doesn't scoop them up soon!

You can shop all of Alexis' top picks for the holiday season here, and get them at 20% off now through Monday 11/29!