All About Ring Styles

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If you've come to Local Eclectic, you're probably obsessed rings (we are known for them after all).

But do you ever get stuck when browsing? Like when you're looking for a specific style that you can picture in your mind, but you don't know what to search or where to start? Well get ready because we're demystifying the ring search by breaking down the exact names and definitions of the most popular ring styles.


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A band is about as classic as it gets. The hallmark of this ring style is that the width is the same (or mostly the same) around the entire circumference of the ring. If a band has stones, they're generally set into the ring itself without extending above or below. The most famous kind of band is a wedding band, but we love this versatile style for everyday wear. Since it's flat on top and bottom, it's perfect for stacking with other styles, especially other bands!

Signet Rings

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The signet ring is a historic ring style that's recently regained popularity, and we couldn't be happier because we're obsessed with this design. The term "signet" comes from the latin word "signum" meaning sign. Signet rings traditionally have a large flat (or slightly domed) center, and historically had engravings of symbols like family crests. Modern day signet rings can feature anything, from moons and stars to large gemstones. We love them for the subtle statement they make and the different symbolism they can feature.


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Solitaires are another classic. They're traditionally thought of in terms of diamonds, but a solitaire ring can feature any gemstone in any shape. The name solitaire comes from the latin words "solus" meaning alone, and the definition of a solitaire ring is a single gem set on a thin band. Solitaires are great for when you want a gem to really stand out and shine (I mean, are you seeing that opal glow!?).

Stacking Rings

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Stacking rings are a newer trend in jewelry design and are made specifically to stack with other rings (like the solitaires mentioned above). Stacking rings normally come to a point in an arced or linear shape and can be placed above or below your ring- or both! We love stacking rings because of their versatility, and because dreaming up new ring stack combinations is our favorite way to pass the time. These rings give you your own chance at jewelry design! You can mix and match various styles, stones, and even metal tones in different combinations to create your own unique dream stack.

Cluster Rings

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Cluster rings have the least amount of rules, making them some of the most unique styles! To be considered a cluster ring, the ring must have a center stone that's surrounded by other stones. That's it. The stones can be of all different shapes, colors, and sizes, giving the designer ample much room to play around and get creative. We love cluster rings because they're truly unlike any other ring style.

Now that you know exactly what you're looking for, browse our rings collection to find your new perfect piece.