A Brief History of Diamonds

A Brief History of Diamonds

A Brief History of Diamonds

Photo: Tippy Taste Jewelry 

Diamonds are often regarded as a girl's best friend, but this is especially true for those with April birthdays that are so lucky as to call this gem their birthstone. Though regarded as tokens of luxury now, the meaning behind diamonds stems back billions of years. 

Sanskrit texts pre-dating 400 B.C. expressed the value of crystals, and some ancient theories even believed that they were formed only when lightning struck. By the Middle Ages, diamonds were believed to not only possess healing powers, but to have a positive effect on one's clarity and balance. 

Available in a wide range of colors from natural white to black to everything in between, the spectrum of shades available ensures that there's a perfect diamond for everyone. Often a symbol of eternal love, diamonds make for the perfect gift for those April birthdays, or otherwise. 


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