Empowered Womxn Vote

Since the creation of Local Eclectic, the goal has been to inspire creativity and empower womxn, and we’re firm believers in the idea that nothing is more empowering than using your voice to vote. 

In 2016, a reported 46% of eligible women ages 18-24 and 59.7% of eligible women ages 25-44 year voted.  Imagine the change we could make together if more of our voices were heard!  

We’ve partnered with When We All Vote to create a fast and easy way to register to vote.  You can register here (it only takes a few minutes!), and if you’re already registered you can use this link to double check your registration status, make a voting plan, research your ballot, and find out more about your voting rights.

Make the pledge to vote with us this year because empowered womxn empower other womxn, and empowered womxn vote.