How To Make Your Jewelry Last

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Some of our most frequently asked questions can be filed under jewelry related anxiety: Will I ruin my necklace if I swim in it?  What about when I work out?  If I buy that ring I’ve had my eye on will it last past the current season?  The nature of plated jewelry is that the plating can fade over time.  But don’t stress!  Knowledge is power, and with a little extra TLC, you’ll be rocking your favorite plated jewels well into the future.  Read on for our biggest tips and tricks on making your plated jewelry last.

Why We Love Plated Jewelry

We love plated jewelry for its accessibility.  It’s way more affordable than solid gold, and it’s the perfect way to play around with trends without investing too heavily in a piece that you may not wear for the rest of your life.  These lower price points are possible because plated jewelry has less gold content than solid pieces and instead has a layer of gold on top of a less expensive base metal.  Over time, this layer of gold plating can begin to wear off, but don’t worry.  With proper care, your plated jewels will last for years. 

How To Make Plated Jewelry Last

  1. Take it off.  Plated jewelry isn’t made to be worn 24/7.  If you want a style that you can leave on all the time, consider investing in some solid gold staples that require less care.  The gold plating on any piece of jewelry will fade over time, so regularly giving your jewelry a break from wear will make the plating last longer.
  2. Don’t get it wet.  Plated jewelry will fade faster and tarnish when exposed to water, so you want to make sure to remove your pieces when you shower, swim, wash the dishes, wash your hands, etc.  Pro tip: leave a small trinket dish near your sinks and shower to remind yourself to take off your jewels.  Plus, this way you’ll never misplace them.
  3. Don’t sweat it.  Sweat can break down the bonds in your plated jewels even faster.  To protect your plated pieces from tarnish, remove them before you work out.  Pro tip: keep a small jewelry pouch in your gym bag to store and protect your pieces while you’re breaking a sweat.
  4. Add a step to your skincare routine.  Ingredients in skincare products like lotions, hand creams, face creams, etc. can also break down plating quicker.  Get in the habit of waiting to put your jewelry on in the morning until after you finish your skincare routine and taking your pieces off before applying skincare at night, and allow some time for products to sink in before you put your jewels back on.

Now that you’re prepped with all of this jewelry care knowledge, it’s time to meet your new favorite plated pieces. Explore our new finds collection for the freshest on trend styles.