The 5 Slept On Stones That Will Transform Your Jewelry Collection

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, opals bring good luck, and moonstones possess an undeniable mysticism. Even emeralds are used to represent an entire season. 

Yet many stunning stones are passed over on a daily basis in favor of more widely known gems. While comfort can often be key, we believe in making room for the new from time to time. 

Read on for a list of the five most slept on stones that are sure to breathe a new sense of life into your jewelry collection. 


Aquamarine: Derived from the Latin word for seawater, this stone has a direct connection to bodies of water, linking it to peace and purification.


Carrie Elizabeth Aquamarine Triangle Semi-Precious Ring, $79.00

Amethyst: Often donned by royals, this stone possesses the powers necessary to heal both emotional and physical ailments, while aligning your overall energy. 


Lust & Luster Amethyst Love Ring, $78.00

Black Spinel: Often mistaken for sapphires, this stone possesses its own unique benefits, acting as a blockade against negative energy. 


Keltie Leanne Designs Yellow Gold Cirque Ring, $80.00

Topaz: Highly regarded by the Greeks and Romans during medieval times, this stone was always a rare and deeply sought after commodity. It possesses the ability to not only balance one's emotions, but acts as a source of joy. 


La Kaiser Rainbow Moonstone & Topaz Lotus Ring, $92.00

Tourmaline: First discovered off the Western Coast of Italy, this stone tends to be more pink in color than a ruby and represents an overarching love for humanity. 


Marva Atelier Valentina Ring with Pink Tourmaline, $74.00