The Design Inspiration Behind Family Gold Season 04

Family Gold Season 04 is here, and this season adds a summery twist to our collection of affordable solid gold jewelry staples. In anticipation of the launch, we sat down with Local Eclectic founder and CEO Alexis Nido-Russo to talk about what inspired the collection, plus the stories behind her favorite styles.

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The theme of Family Gold Season 04 is endless summer. I wanted this collection to feel really fresh and fun with elevated classics, and I wanted to introduce a lot more rings into this collection. Past collections have focussed heavily on earrings and necklaces which I feel was really a sign of the times. 2020 was the year of the earring, with zoom calls focused on the shoulders up. This year we're back to cheersing our friends IRL, and with that I find myself wanting to get my nails done and piling on the rings.

three solid yellow gold necklaces in the shape of a mushroom, shell, and ginkgo leaf

Shop the look: Solid Gold Mother of Pearl Shell Necklace, Solid Gold Mushroom Necklace, Solid Gold Ginkgo Leaf Diamond Necklace

Some of the styles are extensions of Season 03, like the mushroom necklace. We all loved the earrings from Season 03 so much that we wanted to build on that with this collection.

white sapphire jewelry set featuring a ring, earrings, and necklace

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One of my favorite styles from our second season is the Solid Gold Shimmering White Sapphire Pendant Necklace, and with this collection we're introducing it as a ring and earrings. All three can be worn together. They're so effortless and the type of styles you put on and never take off. These are great layering pieces and an instant heirloom classic.

solid gold chain rings on a hand eating a piece of candy

Shop the look: Solid Gold Chain Link Ring, Solid Gold White Sapphire Chunky Chain Link Ring

One of my favorite phrases is "You're only as strong as your weakest link," and I felt this so hard in the past 12 months. The chain styles are inspired by this motto: "Life is about working together to achieve greatness, and when we lift each other up, we can overcome and accomplish anything." And I hope we can wear some of styles in this latest collection as a reminder of this.

Season 04 is full of heirloom quality solid gold jewels with endless summer energy. You can shop the newest season of Family Gold now!