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The Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewelry


Whether you're jewelry shopping for a specific occasion or just treating yourself, it's important to know what you're looking for. Similarly to shopping for clothing or footwear, the materials used are an indication of the intentions of that piece.

The difference between fashion and fine jewelry is significant, and once learned, can simplify the shopping process.



Fashion jewelry, also referred to as costume jewelry, is most common in the mainstream marketplace. On Local Eclectic you'll find a variety of styles of costume jewelry, from gold plated and vermeil, to brass, crystal and acrylic jewels.

Our most popular category of fashion jewelry is gold plated and vermeil. Gold plated and vermeil jewelry utilize a base metal such as brass or silver, topped with a coating of layers of real gold. To qualify as gold vermeil jewelry, the piece must have at least 2 microns thickness of gold plating. Anything less than 2 microns of thickness will simply be categorized as being gold plated.

Gold vermeil is considered the highest quality plating possible. Because of it's thickness, it will last a lot longer than jewelry that is simply plated, but it also tends to be a bit pricier.

Additional types of fashion jewelry include alternative materials such as acrylic, beads, crystals, glass, leather, and wood.

Fashion jewelry should be worn with care, and removed before bed, and before exposure to moisture and/or chemicals of any kind.


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Fine jewelry is made with solid gold and precious stones. Typically the most expensive type of jewelry, fine jewels are considered an investment piece, as they are heirloom quality and meant to last forever. This type of jewelry is best for engagement, or for pieces that you plan to wear daily.

Featuring solid gold bands and settings, as well as the high-quality precious stones, these pieces are undeniably made to last. Fine jewelry can be worn 24/7, as apposed to fashion jewelry which should be worn with care. *Certain stones should also be worn with care, even in a fine jewelry piece, such as opals and moonstone.


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