The Women Who Inspire Us

Local Eclectic is powered by incredible women.  Since Alexis Nido-Russo founded the company in 2013, the overarching goal of everything we do has been to empower and support women through working with independent woman designers, collaborating with woman artists, and building a 100% female full time staff.  On International Women’s Day, our team is taking some time to reflect on the amazing women who inspire us and who have paved the way to make our own success possible.

Stacey Abrams

“Stacey Abram made history in 2018 when she earned the Democratic nomination for governor of Georgia, and then she lost. Her experiences in the system helped her to launch Fair Fight to ensure marginalized people have a voice in our elections. I'm so inspired by how Stacey took what some might have considered a major blow to her career, losing that governor's race, and used it to fuel her passion for grassroots organizing.” - Sarah, Art Director & Branding Lead

Lucille Ball

“The list of women who inspire me feels endless, but the first name that comes to mind never changes (I even wrote my college admissions essays on her).  Lucille Ball is known for being one of the most successful woman comedians of all time, but she also revolutionized the role of women in the entertainment industry.  She took risks in everything she did, from insisting her real life husband be her co-star, making them one of the first interracial couples on a television show, to being the first woman ever to appear pregnant on TV (which at the time was considered taboo).  She not only starred in but also produced I Love Lucy, and later became the first woman to own and be president of a major television studio.  She was involved in all aspects of the business, from budgeting to production decisions, becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in an almost entirely male dominated industry.” - Sam, Content Creation, Partnerships, & Growth Manager


‘"Mom, I am a rich man" will forever go down as my favorite quote of all time. Cher has always been one to break boundaries and differ from the norm and it's so refreshing. I feel like so many figures in pop culture often just succumb to societal norms or remain silent in order to save face but Cher embodied feminist values before it was cool to be a feminist. Besides being a fashion icon and a pop culture legend, she has also dedicated her life to philanthropic efforts in founding and supporting organizations that benefit children, veterans, the environment, the LGBTQ community, animal rights and COVID-19.” - Kate, Social Media & Partnerships Coordinator

Amelia Earheart

“I have a laundry list of women that inspire me, but the OG was Amelia Earheart. My Grandma gave me books about her growing up, and reading of her adventures and how she pushed the limits of what was possible was endlessly inspiring to me. As I grew up and understood better the upward battle she faced for merely being a woman trying to achieve something in the early 1900's and the aviation industry my respect for her only grew. Amelia's drive for what she wanted to accomplish and ignoring "what people expect of you" is the exact energy we need for positive change today.” - Steffi, Sr Manager of Operations & Business Analytics

Sue Bryce

“I’ve followed Sue Bryce since I was a teenager and just starting out with photography. She’s this hilarious and self confident photographer who often tells stories about how she started later in life and worked out of her garage for years. Her drive and ambition to grow her business and creative skill set is amazing to me, and her style is so unique with her ability to tell stories with single images.” - Katharine, Staff Photographer & Videographer 

The success of one woman is the success of all women, and we’re incredibly grateful for the incredible ladies who have broken barriers and paved the way for us all.

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