This Birthstone is the Epitome of Spring

Emeralds are May's birthstone, an appropriate fact given that their vibrant green hue is so reminiscent of spring. Its color is also why you'll often find this stone added as the final touch to the perfect statement ring. Whether on the hands of a celebrity or your next door neighbor, there's something decidedly luxurious about them. 


Originally mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC, emeralds are most famously associated with Cleopatra. Emeralds were so highly regarded in Egyptian culture that they would even be utilized in the burial ceremony, having been believed to provide protection in the afterlife. 

While emeralds were also believed to bring peace and serenity to those wearing the stone, today, they most commonly symbolize loyalty and new beginnings. Just like spring, it seems that emeralds can also initiate a fresh start.