What Your Favorite Gem Says About You

Whether you're drawn to a colorful stone or prefer sparkle as your statement, your go-to stone undeniably says something deeper about who you are. We've uncovered what the 10 most popular gemstones say about you (and recommended a couple of pieces to make reppin' your stone that much easier). Read on for more. 


This stunning purple stone represents your idyllic nature and your unwillingness to fully accept reality. Your calm aura can attract those in need of it sometimes, which causes you to work even harder to maintain your peace and balance. 

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Lust and Luster Rose Gold & Amethyst Love Ring, $78.00

Shashi Gemstone Pave Ring, $52.00


You live for sparkle and everyone knows it. Not exactly low-maintenance, your love for diamonds represents your commitment to tradition and your unwillingness to compromise quality.  

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Melanie Casey Diamond Heart Ring, $228.00

Tippy Taste Jewelry Snow Queen Dainty Ring, $105.00


This glowing green gem represents your deep-rooted kindness and warmth. You feel most fulfilled when acting as a shoulder to cry on or offering loved ones advice. 

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Liesel Love Green Creek Emerald Ring, $414.00

LUMO Emerald Octagon Ring, $490.00


You tend to live on the edgier side of life and are attuned to yourself in a constant state of discovery. Others are most often intimidated by your self-assuredness and powerful energy. 

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Melanie Auld Emerald Cut Labradorite Stacking Ring, $95.00

Elizabeth Stone Gemstone Starburst Ring with Labradorite, $52.00


There's a slightly mysterious air about you and you prefer to keep it that way. Your head is often in the clouds and those who know you best most often remark about your indecisiveness. 

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Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry Simple Diamond Eternity Band with Moonstone, $195.00

La Kaiser Moonstone & Diamond Horizon Ring, $110.00


In tune with your femininity and proud of it, you exude an air of compassion, easing the stress of those closest to you. You always keep your promises, making you a reliable friend and lover alike. 

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Lust and Luster Rose Gold & Morganite Love Ring, $78.00

Liesel Love East & West Morganite Ring, $310.00


A stone that possesses every hue of the rainbow, your love of opals is a testament to your adaptability and resilience. You exude a warmth and an energy that others in need often seek out and are comforted by. 

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Five and Two Anya Ring with Opal, $35.00

La Kaiser Opal & Diamond La Kaiser for Local Eclectic Exclusive Ring, $92.00


A classic stone, a love of pearls represents your sensitive and soft nature. You enjoy the simple pleasures and live each day to its fullest. 

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Laurie Fleming Jewelry Mother of Pearl Ring, $95.00

La Kaiser 14KT Gold Pearl & Diamond Mirage Ring, $245.00


You are not one to shy away from commitment and your love of this stone reflects that. You have a big heart and an eagerness to share your affection with others. 

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Euclide Aurea Ring with White Topaz, $124.00

La Kaiser White Topaz Arc Ring, $86.00


You are one with nature and spiritual at heart. You are loyal to your friends and exude a positive aura that even strangers are drawn to. 

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Five and Two Cody Ring with Turquoise, $45.00

Five and Two Blair Ring with Turquoise, $45.00