Sofia Zakia

Solar System Bracelet

Only a few left! Last one!

A voyage through our timeless solar system in solid gold to adorn your wrist. The Solar System Bracelet features an impressive array of precious and rare gemstones, a celestial masterpiece handmade in Montreal.

  • Mercury as a 2.5mm moonstone
  • Venus as a 3mm andalusite
  • Earth as a 3mm moonstone
  • Mars as a 2.5mm garnet
  • Jupiter, carved in 14K gold
  • Saturn, carved in 14K gold
  • Uranus as a 4mm amazonite
  • Neptune as a 4mm star sapphire
  • Pluto and her largest moon, Charon as two 1mm diamonds
  • Solid 14k gold

Use jewelry cleaner and a brush with soft bristles. You can also DIY clean with an old soft toothbrush and a mild dish-washing liquid. Rinse well and lay on a towel to dry. To buff out surface scratches, take to a local jeweler. You'll also want to have the prongs tightened by a jeweler every 8-12 months to ensure your stones don't come loose.

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