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sarah & joseph belknap + lindsay lewis

Call it cosmic intuition, but we felt positive vibes about pairing up our next collaborators long before they ever met. Considering Sarah and Joseph Belknap’s astronomical works of art and Lindsay Lewis’s futuristic crystal jewelry, this trio was destined to design something out of this world. Nevermind that the Belknaps had never worked with jewelry and Lindsay was new to the collaborative process. Drawing inspiration from a stony iron meteorite found in 1861, they created a galactic brass-and-resin necklace that—wait for it—GLOWS IN THE DARK.

Sarah and Joseph made molds of the Vaca Merta meteorite discovered in Chile, then poured resin with mica powders and pigments inside. A glow-in-the-dark powder was added before the “rock” cured. Lindsay then took the rocks and created a simple brass setting for each that references space: a planet-like circle and a long metal triangle in the shape of a comet tail.

Here, they ask each other about everything from commercial success to their dream customers (s/o to Stevie Nicks).