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Designed By OOAK by Local Eclectic

Customizable Big Sur Toi et Moi Ring Setting

Customizable Big Sur Toi et Moi Ring Setting

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Work with our Local Eclectic Design Team to pick your gemstone and customize this OOAK Customizable Ring Setting.

This purchase does not include a gemstone, see steps below. Our team will help you source the perfect stone for this setting for an additional fee. 

Setting Details 

  • Metal choice of 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 14k rose gold, or platinum 
  • This ring can be created in sizes 2 thru 16
  • 3-4 mm height 
  • 1.7-2.25 mm band width

Customizing your OOAK Ring Setting 

  • Step 1 Purchase a Setting: Purchase an OOAK Customizable Ring Setting. This purchase only includes the setting, not the gemstone. 
  • Step 2 Design Consultation:  Schedule a free design consultation with a member on the LE Design Team to talk through gemstone options. You will receive an email from with the following information:
    • A link to a form to fill out before your consultation (such as stone preference, budget, etc)
    • A link to schedule your consultation with our team
  • Step 3 Approve & Pay for your Gemstone: After your consultation, you’ll receive options on gemstones to approve. Once approved, we will send an additional invoice for the stone(s) selected to be paid, then production can begin! 
  • Step 4 Production & Shipment:  Production takes 5-8 weeks. Then the OOAK design of your dreams will be shipped directly to you from our team. All designs are fabricated in Chicago. 

 2 Payment Points 

First you pay for the setting on our site to begin your OOAK process.  Our OOAK Customizable Settings use a substantial amount of gold which contributes  to the higher price up front in some cases.

Second you pay an invoice for your gemstone.  We will work with you one-on-one to meet your budget requirements.  Here are some examples of prices you can expect for certain stones.  Depending on type of stone, size, cut, rarity - the second payment can be vastly different.  We will work with you to determine your budget during the consultation. 

Example gemstone costs (these are additional to the setting cost):

  • Citrine $150+
  • Green Amethyst  $150+
  • Opal $300+
  • Sapphires $800+
  • Diamonds 1200+

The gems listed above are merely examples. We will try our best to source your dream stone!

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FAQ for OOAK by Local Eclectic

Care Instructions

Solid Gold

Use jewelry cleaner and a brush with soft bristles. You can also DIY clean with an old soft toothbrush and a mild dish-washing liquid. Rinse well and lay on a towel to dry. To buff out surface scratches, take to a local jeweler. You'll also want to have the prongs tightened by a jeweler every 8-12 months to ensure your stones don't come loose.

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