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Permanent Bracelets

Introducing Permanent Flash Bracelets by Local Eclectic! Permanent Flash Bracelets are 14k solid gold chains welded together around your wrist (i.e. no clasp! These stay on all day, every day). Get a Permanent Flash Bracelet for an extra dose of daily sparkle, as a friendship bracelet, or to mark a special occasion.

Coming Soon: Keep an eye out for permanent flash anklets launching this summer

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Chicago! Make your Permanent Flash Bracelet appointment today. Register via Tock for one 15-minute appointment with our expert solid gold welder. At your appointment, you will select from four chain options upon arrival.

Classic Twisted Bold Paperclip
Bracelet $99 $129 $199 $219

The $30 ticket fee will serve as a deposit and be applied toward your total balance at your appointment. The reservation and appointment are not eligible for discounts.

Appointments are currently only available in Chicago at our West Loop location, but keep an eye out for exciting announcements about our future visits to other cities! Appointments become available on a rolling 14 day basis.

Interested in booking a Permanent Flash Bracelet private event? Contact us at

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Woman wearing a permanent bracelet in Chicago
Woman in Chicago picking out permanent bracelet at Local Eclectic
Permanent bracelet being attached in Chicago at Local Eclectic

Local Eclectic Permanent Braclets

Frequently Asked Questions

Our chains are minimalist for everyday wear, so they can come off if pulled with excessive force. As such, please be careful with snagging. We may be able to re-weld bracelets if they come apart but cannot replace missing bracelets

Our bracelets are all 14K gold, so you can clean them using mild dish soap and warm water. You may use a toothbrush gently on the bracelet if there is stuck-on dirt or grime.

We’ve been testing this and our bracelets do not currently snag!

Thanks for the suggestion! At this time we are only doing bracelets but we are open to exploring other types of jewelry in the future!

We may expand our chain assortment in the future!

We can try but cannot guarantee it. It depends upon the breakage and type of chain!

Our flash bracelets can be easily removed with scissors.

These bracelets will pass airport security. If you have a medical event (e.g., an MRI) or a surgery coming up that require that all jewelry be removed, we recommend holding off on getting a flash bracelet at this time

Please contact our customer service team here. If your bracelet falls off within two weeks of your appointment, we will schedule a complimentary re-welding appointment. 

If your appointment was more than two weeks ago, we can re-weld your bracelet for a nominal fee.

Permanent Flash Bracelets and appointment deposits are not eligible for discounts. However, if you purchase any pieces during our pop-up event those items are eligible for any standard discounts.

Appointments canceled more than 24 hours in advance may be eligible for a full refund of the deposit. Within 24 hours, appointment deposits are non-refundable but we will do our best to reschedule you. Please reach out to us at hello@localeclectic with your reservation details to cancel or reschedule your appointment.