Laura Lombardi of Laura Lombardi jewelry

laura lombardi spent the first sixteen years of her life in new york and italy. she attended new york’s fashion institute of technology and spent a handful of years working in retail but it wasn't until she moved to chicago that she started designing jewelry; she had been experimenting with different mediums such as sculpting for many years and this influence is apparent in the structure and geometric approach to her designs. many of laura's creations are made from vintage and repurposed materials and each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in her studio in NYC. instagram // @lauralombardi

local eclectic // you recently moved from chicago to nyc, how has the transition been? laura lombardi // great! so happy to be back in new york.

LE // how does your studio space compare to what you had in chicago? LL // well, it is definitely "cozier"... but I've loved the challenge of getting everything to work on a much smaller scale. it's been great to have a fresh start and an opportunity to completely re think my work space. 

LE // did you complete this new collection before the move? LL // I had the collection completed half way before moving. as soon as I settled into my new space I picked up where I left off.

LE // how are projects your currently working on influenced by your new setting? LL // being in a new environment, especially one as visually stimulating as new york, is keeping me supplied with lots of new ideas to bring into the studio. having access to a great jewelry district is also influencing my work by helping me further expand and develop my collections.

LE // where do you go/look/read, etc for inspiration? LL // flipping through my ever expanding collection of books and my favorite blogs is always a good starting point for me. I’m generally very process oriented and am often inspired by the materials I work with themselves. focusing in on specific motifs and materials I’ve been wanting to work with, and then relating them back to my initial source of inspiration is generally how I start designing. general themes I am consistently drawn to for inspiration are classic italian imagery, mysticism, religious objects.

LE // tell us a little about your SS15 collection and the concept behind it. LL // SS15 is the largest collection I've designed, and there is a greater variety in terms of styles offered. the collection itself was inspired by my interest in emulating natural forms and textures with repurposed metals. conceptually it touches on the re-occurring theme of mysticism thats often appears in my work. 

LE // favorite thing to do in your new neighborhood? LL // getting my coffee at otha's, checking out the amazing selection of home goods, clothing, and accessories at joinery, picking up little gifts and assorted treasures at species by the thousands, and getting a post-studio bite at zizi limona's. 


LE // any good books you've read recently? LL // I just read the flame throwers by rachel kushner, and finally finished cormac mccarthy's border trilogy.

LE // any exciting plans for the holidays? LL // preparing holiday orders, finishing up AW15 collection, spending the actual holidays with my family and boyfriend.