joy smith of communion by joy

joy smith started COMMUNION by joy about three years ago; after many years of working in a gallery with artists, she decided it was time to tap into her own artistic side. but joy's jewelry making is not only an artistic practice, it's also a spiritual one. before creating a piece, she meditates allowing herself to be used as a creative vessel. her line is refined, bohemian, edgy and architectural fine jewelry. instagram // @communionbyjoysmith

local eclectic // when did your drive to become a jewelry designer emerge? joy smith //  i have always loved art since I was a child. i studied some art history in college and dabbled in painting and drawing. my calling for jewelry design came when I worked at an art gallery and realized that I wanted to be the artist. after working in a gallery with artists, i decided it was time to tap into my own artistic side. i started taking lost-wax carving classes at night and I was hooked! i loved the idea of being able to sculpt anything I wanted. i feel my brand empowers strength with feminine elegance. it is modern vintage with a touch of bohemian flair. 

LE // you recently started working more with diamonds and fine jewelry. can you talk a little about this transition? how it started and how this compares to previous collections? JS // I made the transition to fine jewelry because I wanted my pieces to be heirloom pieces that could withstand the test of time. I love the idea of passing on jewelry to your loved ones and having pieces of jewelry that have been on your family for ages. 

LE // how does meditation help with the creative process when designing your pieces? JS // meditation helps clear my mind and allows the creative spirit and inspiration to flow through me. i feel like i am channeling when I practice the art of lost wax carving and sculpting.

LE // what is your favorite piece from your new collection? JS // my favorite piece at this moment is my 'enlightened shaman' ring. it is inspired by a navajo prayer. it reminds me to see past the veil of life and walk in beauty as a warrior.

le // what inspired you with this fine jewelry collection? js // my inspiration comes from nature and the mystery beyond the veil of life. this is a feeling I try to capture with my designs. when i give my attention to the life around me inspiration follows. i love ritual and symbolism. i find my inspiration communing with the spirit in nature, animals and people. i love to make jewelry that carries an energy of inner-strength and contains the power from the design or the stones I set into them.  my process for keeping the creative fire going is by connecting to people and their stories.

LE // if you could collaborate with any designer, who would it be? JS // i love rodarte, their clothing tells a distinct story and has so much drama! I see the beauty and art in each collection they put out.

LE // how do you spend your time outside of jewelry design? JS // i love to read, practice yoga and dine with my friends and family.

LE // how would you describe your personal style? JS // i am really easy going with my style. i love to wear light dresses and vintage inspired clothing. my favorite designers are dawn, natalie martin and ryan roche.