jessie yeager of i like it here club

at a young age jessie yeager of i like it here club became fascinated by the stories that a woman's jewelry told about her. lucky for us, this fascination led her to pursue studies in fine arts and metalsmithing. her mood ring and kaleidoscope necklace make us nostalgic for our youthful summers. we're thrilled to be presenting her first official collection, founding fathers. instagram // @ilikeithereclub 

local eclectic // where are you from originally and where do you live now? jessie yeager // born in california and raised in north carolina, I was able to experience the best of both coasts and was encouraged to explore my surroundings. brought up in a family of artists, my sister, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all had an appreciation and love for the arts. this apparent gene led me to study art and to become a metalsmith. after my studies, my boyfriend and I moved into our van and found our way to big sur, california where we lived quietly on a mountaintop with a beautiful view of the mountains and sea. we are now living in lovely wilmington, north carolina where we dream of our next adventure.

LE // how did you get into jewelry design? JY // when I was young, my mother had a friend, myra, with whom we were so close with that I thought we were related. she would swoop in to town with her arms loaded with silver bangles and a dozen earrings in each ear to tune my mother's guitar and play endlessly while my sister and I spun in circles. I was so enthralled with her and her jewelry, each piece telling a story. I also always had a pretty big rock collection.

LE // these are some of your first pieces. can you talk a little about the thought process behind them. why did you choose these stones, materials, etc? JY // this is my official founding fathers collection, my tried and true favorite pieces, all with a story and a connection to the wearer.  I design my jewelry to be fun, powerful, and a wearable daily reminder of the I like it here club. the I like it here club brand is named after my grandfather, superFred’s club he started as a morale booster for fellow POW’s while he was interned in a japanese POW camp during WWII. I aspire to have my jewelry reflect his open mind, and ability to stay positive and to look at the world with a different point of view. I also love tradition, old techniques, and stones. this admiration began by visiting my grandparents in santa fe, new mexico when I was young. I will always have a fondness for sterling silver and turquoise.  

LE // here do you look for inspiration? JY // I love all the tiny things. sometimes I find myself overlooking the grandest scenery and can't help but study a single tiny stone. I have an appreciation for things in life that might usually go unnoticed.

LE // how would you describe your personal style and how is that reflected in your jewelry designs? JY // my personal style is always about comfort, but with a dash of flair. I love to accessorize, and love costume pieces even more; scarves, hats, shoes, and of course all the jewelry. I seem to change my mood of what I want to wear multiple times a day. my style reflects in my jewelry as I strive for effortless, flattering, intriguing design with an element of surprise that becomes a conversation starter. 

LE // who are some other independent and established designers who you look up to? JY // I am insanely in love with russian designer, ulyana sergeenko. everything she designs is my favorite. I also love jessie williams’ brand linwood that she sells in her own shop, edge of urge. they also sell many independent designers including freakerUSA, remnant by mimic, beautiful illustrations by emily caulfield, mary ordog, and of course the best bags in the world made by ruby assata!

LE // are you planning on releasing a full cohesive collection? JY // yes! I plan on adding a few more pieces to the founding fathers collection within the next few weeks. I then will launch my very own website!