katie mcGinnis of evidence jewelry

katie mac started out by making jewelry for herself and modifying store bought pieces but after being stopped on the street and asked to commission jewelry for random strangers one too many times, she decided to leave her corporate job and dive head first into a creative career path. each piece of katie‚Äôs evidence line has a story behind it; for example, some of the pieces shown here were inspired by the love story between romeo and juliet. katie believes strongly that what we wear tells the world around us how we feel, who we are and what we have to say. and we happen to agree with her. instagram // @evidencejewelry

local eclectic // what drives your design? katie mcGinnis // my background and history drive me. I tell my story through my designs, it connects me with the world around me and a world that has come before me.

LE // from the pieces we're showcasing here, which is your favorite and why? KM // my favorite piece currently is the brass juliet knuckle ring. It is my go to everyday signature ring. I feel that all of the Evidence line can somehow double as a secret weapon, this ring truly encompasses the power and femininity of a woman. 

LE // what can we expect from evidence in the future? KM // i am currently branching out the line from jewelry into accessories as well. keep a look out for leather bags soon! 

LE // tell us a little about your next collection. KM // the next collection for the line is entitled "Tangled Web" (preview items are available currently on local eclectic ). The collection tells a story of famous tragic love stories, inspired by romeo and juliet as well as edgar allen poe. I am very excited to debut the full collection soon to the public, look for it in the spring!