kate de para of evens

kate de para started her clothing line, evens, almost two years ago in houston, texas. she has a background in textile design, science, weaving and sculpture. we were initially drawn to kate's line for it's simplicity and beauty and fell in love when we learned that she does it all! from textile design and printing to the actual construction of the garments. evens apparel is made using the highest quality natural materials and her fabric printing techniques range from screen printing to hand dying. the result is absolutely stunning. instagram // @shopevens  

local eclectic // can you talk a bit about your design process? kate de para // conceptualizing a new collection almost always begins with taking walks or long drives, writing and drawing. getting myself into a new landscape is guaranteed to do the trick. I typically end up fixating on a particular object of texture, and derive prints and surfaces based on them. the shapes and silhouettes that I use in construction are pretty fluid- my attention remains on the textile through the design process and then I determine the cut at the end depending on the hand and fiber. 

LE // do you design all of your textiles as well? KDP // yes, my background is in material development and textile design. 

LE // of the pieces we're featuring here, which is your favorite and why? KDP // my favorite is always the silk smock. I love a good sack dress. I try and develop it further every season, and I think this silver / grey salted silk is the most successful yet. 

LE // where do you look for inspiration? KDP // I think its more a matter of being conscious and aware of my surroundings than looking. ideas usually come when I least expect them. I do find that my work frequently references natural formations, geology / mineralogy, celestial bodies and light.

LE // whats next for your collection? KDP // I want to collaborate! I'd like to work on some products for the home.