lisette fee of elisain jewelry

lisette fee has been a professional jewelry designer for over 10 years and comes with the unique experience of being a child of the world. her father was an army general which gave her the opportunity to live in a diverse spectrum of cultures, from japan to el salvador to uruguay to panama. her current collection focuses on immortalizing the beauty and strength of animals and she uses a process of wax casting then incorporates stones such as citrine and quartz. instagram // @eilisainjewelry

local eclectic // where are you based? lisette fee // i'm based out of eastern north carolina, specifically greenville, nc.  

LE // your designs are so unique, can you tell me a little about how you started and where you look for inspiration? LF // when I moved to eastern nc I really became aware and attuned to my surroundings, a friend gifted me found deer antlers and from there it began. as well as researching totem animals, I was at a point in my life and needed guidance, learning about the wonderful properties of animals such as the beaver and crow led me to trust my instincts, just as they do.  

LE // how do you think your travels in your youth have influenced your design aesthetic? LF // living in such diverse cultures really opened my eyes to different ways of expressing our human existence. such as the vibrant colors the panamanians use in their mola designs or utilizing tagua nuts to create sculptures. their means of using what is right outside of your door made me realize the potential for jewelry design.  

LE // how long have you had your line? LF // it's been about three years since I began the hunted line; this has been my most popular line but I've been creating and designing jewelry for over ten years.

LE // what's next for your collection? LF // currently I'm heavily influenced by nordic culture and the vikings. divination is one of human cultures oldest forms of fortune telling and foreseeing the future, I wanted to create a collection that drew on that past combining it with precious stones and metal.