giovanna torrico of giovanna torrico jewelry design 

there are few things women love more than sequins, but pony hair is one of them. oakland, ca jewelry designer giovanna torrico uses both. she’s been handcrafting jewels for over a decade and started by making one-of-a-kind pieces for paxton gate in san francisco. she eventually moved on to form her own line: giovanna torrico jewelry design. giovanna is known for using vintage sequins dating back to the 1930’s which have been delicately preserved and repurposed. more recently she’s begun experimenting with pony hair. the cuervo and jagged gold pieces are part of her newest collection. this is the second time we've featured giovanna!

local eclectic // this is the second time we've featured you now, how do you see your line growing in future collections? giovanna torrico // i envision my line expanding through collaboration with other designers. locally I have established a strong design identity because of my choice of materials. i have been collecting and preserving vintage sequins for over 13 years. transforming them into a jewelry line has been an amazing process. this year in collaboration with my partner, who is an architect, i have introduced horsehair as a new material to explore with. i feel that ultimately the materials dictate the path.

GT // where do you go when you need to be inspired? LE // walking the streets of oakland or san francisco wondering through bookstores, public gardens and bars is often an endless source of raw inspiring material.

LE // how long have you been designing under your own name? GT // over a decade. I started making one of a kind pieces for paxton gate in san francisco.

LE // what were you doing before this? GT // my formal training is in interpretation. my time is divided between jewelry designing and my work as a freelance translator.

LE // what drives your design? GT // designers are always observing. my approach is instinctive and to an extent also a gate to self exploration.