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avneet basi of krysos + chandi

avneet basi moved to new york from canada in 2006 to study jewelry design at the fashion institute of technology. she started her own line, kyrsos + chandi in 2013 after working in the industry for a few years. inspired by eastern and western sensibilities as well as ancient and modern aesthetics, avneet's line is a blending of classic and contemporary styles. krysos + chandi jewelry is handcrafted in new york city and this month is celebrating their one year anniversary! #HBD krysos + chandi! instagram // @krysosandchandi

local eclectic // you just celebrated your one year anniversary! congrats. any triumphs/failures/wisdom you can share from the past 12 months? avneet basi // yes, thank you! so much has happened over the last year and with each success and failure (because let's be real, failures are part of the process!), i've learned a lot. running your own business is hard and the biggest lessons came from making mistakes which really make you stop, rethink certain things and force you to get up and keep going. there's a saying i saw online that i really love - 'fall down seven times and stand up eight'. nothing is easy and things are bound to veer off course and it's how you react and handle the unexpected that really makes you stronger. 

LE // tell us about your new collection. AB // the new collection is a mix of simple geometric pieces that are really modern and more ethnic inspired pieces that touch on ancient iconography which is really what the brand is all about - i am really inspired by the dichotomy between ancient and modern and eastern and western. the ila ring for example, fuses the circle and square into one seamless piece of metal that is really modern and simple while the mati ring pays homage to the ancient symbol of the evil eye. 

LE // what's the meaning behind the name krysos + chandi? AB // khrysos was the greek god of gold and chandi means silver in hindi, so the name literally means gold and silver and the logo is actually the two alchemy symbols for gold and silver combined. I've always loved ancient greek and Indian jewelry and that's what inspired me to move to nyc 8 years ago to pursue jewelry design at FIT. 

LE // which piece that we're showcasing here is your favorite and why? AB // i'm beyond obsessed with our mati ring. i love evil eye iconography and the mati ring is really unique in it's design. i was really inspired by tuareg ring silhouettes that protrude from the finger and this piece makes a statement but is also delicate because it's whisper thin and light enough to wear everyday and when it gets cold out and it's mitten season, you can just string it on a cord or chain and boom, it doubles as a pendant. 

LE // can you talk a little about your design process? AB // my inspiration comes from many places, so when i am designing new pieces or a collection, i tend to have a starting point from something that catches my eye whether it's architecture or an expected color combination in a piece of street art i see on the streets of new york. from there, i expand on the idea and try to build pieces that complement one another and a collection is born. 

LE // any ideas for your next collection? AB // oh lots. i have a few things in the works which i'm very excited about and can't wait to share! I'm all about bringing a freshness to such a saturated market where a lot of jewelry can look the same, so definitely expect the new pieces to bring concepts and silhouettes that you haven't seen before.