miranda bennett 

ever wish your morning routine could be a little easier? us too, and luckily we stumbled upon miranda bennett; she recently expanded her line to include one size fits most, never trendy, always classic, always fabulous apparel in the most comfortable fabrics a girl could dream of! based in austin, tx, after twelve years in new york city, each of miranda bennett's dresses, tops, scarves and wraps are made by hand using natural fibers. finding inspiration in things old and new, miranda looks to abstract painting, travel guides, vintage magazines, art books, and eclectic prints from around the globe to inform her designs. instagram // @mirandabennettstudio

local eclectic // you seem to have expanded your collection considerably since the last time we featured you. can you talk a little about this evolution? miranda bennett // my collection actually began as a luxury women's ready to wear line that I manufactured in NYC until 2013. when I re-located to my home town of austin, tx I had a strong desire to get back to the process of making by hand, something I really missed in NY. I also had a lot of curiosity about botanical based dyes, they just imbue textiles with such a special quality that really shows the hand of the maker. focusing only on textiles while I began experimenting with indigo, cutch, aandalwood and other natural dyes as well as different shibori dye techniques was a great way to understand and learn more about that process. as soon as I re-introduced apparel (first with my everyday dress) the response was so positive and so immediate that I knew I had to bring my women's wear back, this time coming from a point of view of season-less, one size fits most pieces, hand dyed in small batch production. 

LE // do you use similar materials with your clothing and scarves? MB // I only use quality natural origin materials for my textiles and apparel, think cottons, linen, washed silks, suede-like silk noil, and wool blends.

LE // and is the method of dying your apparel items similar to how you dye your scarves? MB // it is very similar in that I am using the same types of dyes and similar processes, but the pattern and shape will dictate my approach to dyeing the apparel very differently. every item is dyed by hand, with some vats taking days to prepare, so it is definitely very personal and very much a labor of love. 

LE // whats the best way to care for these items? should customers be concerned about the dye bleeding? MB // all of the items have been set and washed after they are dyed, but in certain cases with darker dyes, such as Indigo, there can still be some dye transfer for the first few washes. I always recommend hand washing in room temperature water or machine washing cold on the gentle cycle with like colors, and hang drying. because hang drying can cause some rigidity in the fabric, a little fabric softener goes a long way. 

LE // are you planning to continue to grow your apparel line? MB // absolutely, I plan to continue developing new season-less styles that I will release regularly in editions, or groups. each edition is a departure from and evolution of the styles that came before it. I also plan on growing my home textiles (think Indigo dyed linen throws, blush and nude dip dyed bedspreads), the feedback there has been so wonderful and I love creating items that can be enjoyed and used every single day.