malia mau of m. grace

malia mau launched her jewelry line, m. grace, in october of 2013. she works primarily in brass creating strong commanding pieces that take on new life as the metal changes colors once mixed with the oils of your skin meaning m. grace jewelry gets better with age. instagram // @maliagrace1

local eclectic // how did you get started? malia grace // I started making jewelry when I was in the 7th grade with my sister as a hobby. we went crazy collecting beads and charms and created a whole collection! we got really into it and gave pieces away to our mom and friends when we were finished. I always remember being drawn to jewelry from an early age. I remember looking through my moms jewelry box while she explained the different heirloom pieces she had collected from relatives who had past away. I felt like I knew a little more about these relatives by holding their coveted treasures in my hands. 

LE // where do you look for inspiration? MG // I like to make pieces that evoke some kind of symbology in them. for instance I was reading a book not too long ago that taught me how to envision huge protective auras as a way to stay grounded. I love this concept and it  has inspired many pieces in my collection. I also get a lot of my inspiration through my travels. nature and her beautiful organic shapes and textures has always been a big inspiration for me. 

LE // most of your work is in brass. have you always worked with this medium? MG // I started this collection in brass because I love the warm quality it has. this is the first time working with this metal. brass has a way of subtly changing as you wear it over and over again. I like watching these slight changes as the metal meshes with the oils in your skin. it's almost as if it s this very specific alchemical reaction fitted just for you. 

LE // what's next for your collection? MG // next up its lots and lots of white bronze! this metal is my new love affair. it's similar to silver but has a slightly warmer more toned done vibe. it's pretty rad!