shelby steiner

shelby steiner started her line almost immediately after graduating from columbia college in 2012. her spring/summer 2013 collection debuted at chicago's fashion focus and shortly thereafter she became a designer in residence with macy's chicago fashion incubator. the macy's fashion incubator provides space, mentorship, and resources to six emerging fashion designers each year in order to help them launch their careers and it has helped to do just that for shelby. this is our second time featuring shelby steiner and this time we're focusing on her apparel items. we're loving her crop tops and knot tees. perfect for summer and fall layering. instagram // @shelbysteiner

local eclectic // can you talk a little about your background and how you got into the fashion industry? shelby steiner // I always had an affinity for art + design. I explored that interest as an apprentice for a dressmaker in my rural town in Iowa. I then attended a media arts college in chicago and pursued my own line immediately following graduation. 

LE // your time with the macy's fashion incubator is coming to a close. can you talk a little about that experience and what you have planned next? SS // my second year in residency at CFI will come to an end in march. following my tenure, I plan to get a space where I can live/work potentially with a store front. the details are still in progress, but I am excited to see where life takes me. 

LE // your line consists of clothing and accessories. What's next for your line are you continuing to expand or are you focusing on something specific? SS // I am expanding more into the luxury market focusing primarily on shirting and digital print designs. 

LE // what drives your design? SS // the ability to create while continuously learning and self-improving 

LE // who are some other designers that you look to for inspiration? SS // jw anderson, stella mccartney, the row, comme des garcons

LE // what do you see in the future for your line? SS // endless possibilities really—aiming to grow and expand by selling in ideal boutiques/locations throughout the US and europe and to dress an assortment of likeminded, down to earth, hip individuals.