sarah crump of silk shaman

silk shaman is celebrating its one year anniversary this month. sarah crump started the chicago based line after some experimental dying of a few garments. originally her pieces were all one of kind made by dying vintage clothing but over the course of a year, she's evolved her brand to create her first collection which we present here. sarah chose a refined color palette and a selection of styles; the result is a breathtaking collection that will most certainly make us break our pre-summer spending freeze.... instagram // @silkshaman 

local eclectic // how long have you had you line: silk shaman? sarah crump // I actually looked into when I officially started silk shaman and turns out it was April of 2013 - so one year exactly!  

LE // can you talk a bit about how you started and how the line has evolved over the course of the year? SC // I had been experimenting with dying in my bathtub for years and friends kept encouraging me to start selling. finally I put a few shirts on etsy and was so well received I knew I had something worth getting serious about. I had been dying on vintage shirts I found at thrift stores as inexpensive canvases and thats what the first leg of silk shaman was all about. I loved all the one of a kind pieces but it was frustrating when someone wanted one in another size or fit and it made it difficult to sell online so now I'm working on creating pieces that are still unique but a little more consistent.

LE // are you originally from chicago? SC // I'm originally from maryland but I've lived in chicago for almost 7 years now and it truly feels like home.  

LE // what is your process for dying the fabrics? SC // I kind of came to my process through A LOT of trial and error - but it basically combines traditional shibori stitching and binding techniques with the more modern psychedelic tie-dying methods we've all dabbled in at summer camp.  

LE // the collection you created for local eclectic is a series but in the past all of your pieces have been one of a kind. how did you adjust your process in order to create more similar pieces vs one of a kind? SC // it felt a little constricting at first! I used to go in with a bunch of bottles of dye and a few pieces and make up color palettes on the fly. I would come out with all sorts of crazy color combinations - which was exciting! but it also made for a lot of mistakes that never saw the light of day. by making my palettes more purposeful I'm able to focus on the folding techniques and how they will work in the patterns my dear friend colleen wasilewski (who is also responsible for the gorgeous clutches!) designed for me. so a bit of structure has allowed me to take my process to the next level.

LE // do you work exclusively with silk? SC // I will work with any natural fabric - but silk is my favorite by far! 

LE // what is the best way to care for these items? SC // since I'm not using very delicate silks in this line - you can do a gentle wash with cold water and tumble dry on low. you may experience a small amount of shrinkage with the raw silk items so if its a perfect fit as is let it air dry.