10 Pieces of Fine Jewelry You Can Actually Afford

We're firm believers in the idea that everyone deserves fine jewelry. To make this idea a reality, we've made it our mission to bring you accessible fine jewelry that you can actually afford. That was the motivation behind the 2019 launch of our line Family Gold.  

The Pros of fine jewelry:

  • Never take it off. Don't worry about leaving your necklace on before hopping in the shower or risk forgetting your rings in that restaurant bathroom after you wash your hands. Fine jewelry is made with solid gold, which means it can withstand extra wear without losing its luster.

  • Pass it on.  There's no piece of jewelry that holds more meaning than the ones inherited from our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, etc. A piece of fine jewelry that you buy now is piece you can pass down later.

  • Feeling good. There's something about putting on a piece of fine jewelry that simply makes us feel good. That extra touch of luxury boosts our confidence, connects us to our female energy, and makes us feel like we can achieve anything.

The Cons of Fine Jewelry

  • The hefty price-tag.  That is until now...

Read on for the 10 pieces of fine jewelry you can actually afford.

1. The wear with everything ring

Sold out

A solid gold ring that's $65. Need we say more? This twisted band shimmers like no other when it hits the light, and it comes in yellow, white. and rose gold. We love to stack these up for extra impact.

2. The low maintenance studs

Sold out

You ever have one of those weeks where you can't bother with switching out your earrings every day? Us too. Enter solid gold studs. They're super low maintenance which means you can sleep in them, shower in them, and leave them in until you feel like putting in the extra effort to swap them out for your favorite statement earrings. Plus they'll make you feel cute.

3. The essential necklace

Sold out

If you only buy one more necklace for the rest of your life, make it this one. This simple gold chain is so shimmery it's almost unbelievable. It's the perfect piece for everyday wear and it layers beautifully with any other necklace. To summarize: she's perfect.

4. The diamond lover's dream

Sold out

Are diamonds your best friend? Then this necklace is for you. This simple chain features five dangling diamond charms for when you want a necklace that goes with everything without sacrificing the sparkle.

5. The sentimental staple

Sold out

These dainty birthstone rings are the perfect piece to remind you of the ones you love. They're made to be layered, so stack up the birthstones of all your favorite people to keep their energy close to you at all times (or just stack up your favorite color combo, it doesn't have to be that deep).

6. The best seller

Sold out

This one is a best seller for a reason. Solid gold, diamond encrusted, and only $169. We would think that they're too good to be true if we hadn't seen them in person. They definitely exist, and they're definitely this sparkly.

7. The alternative gem

Sold out

Listen, we love diamonds. But if we're playing favorites, opal is our #1 choice. The natural opals in these huggies are absolutely mesmerizing, flashing shades of blue, purple, and green.

8. The classic earrings

Sold out

The gift you wish you were given: the perfect diamond earrings. If there's any piece of jewelry that will never go out of style, it's diamond studs. Everyone should invest in a pair, and at this price the investment is low risk and high reward.

10. The modern must have

Sold out

Chunky jewelry is on trend right now. It's all over the runways and magazines. But don't let the word "trend" fool you; this style is here to stay, and these huggies are the perfect way to work it into your everyday look.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a piece of fine jewelry. You deserve it.

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