Warranty and Repair

Fine Jewelry refers to any solid gold pieces sold on our site. Plated, gold-filled, brass or silver jewelry is not considered Fine Jewelry.

Local Eclectic covers the repair or replacement of Family Gold or fine jewelry items sold on our site within 365 days of purchase if one of the covered damages should occur. If the item that needs to be repaired/replaced is out of stock or discontinued, Local Eclectic reserves the right to offer a store credit for an amount equal to the purchase price after the item is returned to Local Eclectic.

The following types of damages are covered by this warranty:

  1. Stones falling out
  2. Defective/broken clasps
  3. Broken bands

The following types of damages are NOT covered as they are considered normal wear and tear:

  1. Bent bands
  2. Scratches
  3. Oxidation

Please report damages as soon as possible. Damaged items MUST be sent into Local Eclectic for inspection prior to replacement. If the item is missing, Local Eclectic cannot offer a replacement. For repairs, please see instructions below.

Please note that many of our stones are natural and may feature inclusions such as small cracks, imperfections or variations in color are considered normal and not damage. Particular examples include moonstone, opals, fluorites, labradorites. See our blog for more information!

This warranty is nullified if the item has been modified by a third party.

Plated Jewelry

At this time, you may return silver, plated or gold-filled jewelry for store credit within 90 days for any reason.

Unfortunately, we do not have a warranty for damages for silver, plated or gold-filled jewelry at this time.


At this time, Local Eclectic facilitates repairs for items over $750 from the following designers: La Kaiser, Vale, Everett, Sofia Zakia, Lindsey Lewis and Charlie and Marcelle, as long as the item has been purchased within the last 365 days. Please contact Customer Support at https://www.localeclectic.com/pages/contact to start the repair process, and allow 6-8 weeks for the return of the item. If a repair cannot be made, Local Eclectic reserves the right to offer a store credit up to the purchase price of the item.