Meet Our New Designers

Discovery and collaboration are at the core of what makes Local Eclectic different, and we're always searching for new talent to add to our roster of independent jewelry designers. From bold and modern to organic and handmade, the jewelry from our newest designers differs in aesthetic but has one thing in common: it's all unique. Learn the stories behind our newest independent jewelry designers Sophie Monet, Lindsay Lewis, Petit Moments, and Hailey Gerrits.

Acanthus fine jewelry is designed and handmade by self-taught maker Nichole McIver in Central Minnesota. Her passion for hand crafting personal adornment is rooted in her fascination with precious historical objects. She continues to find inspiration in everything from the decorative foliage found in the margins of illuminated manuscripts, to the secret symbolism of Victorian mourning jewelry.
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Alice Rise
Color has the power to remind us that despite our daily worries and stresses, our true nature is joyful, vibrant, and free. Jessica Lambeth, the creator behind Alice Rise, wants to remind you of your own beauty and aliveness with vibrant pieces made from scratch in her home studio in Burlington, North Carolina. Using contemporary Japanese glass beads as well as rare antique beads that can range back to hundreds of years old, she offers a constantly rotating range of beautiful reminders that joy can be found anywhere.
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Anokhi Green
Anokhi Green was founded by Pam Green, a retired nurse from Chicago. Her designs are inspired by her life and travels in India.  Pam's designs include unique gemstones, religious medals, and spiritual amulets. Anokhi Green is an invited member of the Chicago Fair Trade Association. 
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From Tel-Aviv, Israel, Tanya and Tomer have been designing jewelry together as a team since 2011. Together they create jewelry that is original, refined, and beautiful, while not stealing the show from the person wearing it. "When you purchase one of our designs - you receive a product that is original and of the highest quality, created with ethically sourced materials, and crafted by skilled, fair waged professionals," says Tanya.
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Ashiana London
Ashiana was founded over ten years ago by Anastasia Buisman – a nomad in her own right. Having lived in more than seven countries before starting Ashiana – it was hard for Anastasia not to find inspiration.  The ethos behind Ashiana was to create affordable yet luxurious jewelry for the traveling woman.
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Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry

Carrie Elizabeth Jewelry is a British jewelry brand designed and based in London by Carrie Elizabeth Dennahy. Carrie spent years traveling the world as a fashion and jewelry buyer, and she realized that there were so many brands that she absolutely adored - but simply couldn’t afford! Spotting a gap in the market, she decided to take a leap of faith to start her own line to bridge the gap between ‘fashion’ and ‘fine’ jewelry.

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Carried Jewels

Carried Jewels is a Local Eclectic exclusive brand of heirloom quality vintage inspired jewelry celebrating the intricacies of popular jewelry design from eras past. Each Carried Jewels piece is crafted in solid gold with natural or lab created gemstones, made to be loved for years to come. The Carried Jewels brand is rooted in the celebration of love and was inspired by the poem I carry your heart with me by E.E. Cummings, read at the wedding of Local Eclectic founder + CEO Alexis. Whether your Carried Jewels piece is a part of your love story in the form of an engagement ring, or a piece you’re buying to show love to yourself, we’re honored for Carried Jewels to be a part of your story.

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Casa Clara
Casa Clara partners with women across the world to curate a collection of vibrant, timeless accessories that stand out from the crowd. The brand’s handmade beaded collection is designed and made in collaboration with female artisans in Nayarit, Mexico so you know that every piece was made with heart. 
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CASTLECLIFF is designed by metalsmith and veteran jewelry designer Stephanie Schwallie in Brooklyn, NY, and handcrafted exclusively in NYC. Founded in 1918 and revitalized almost a century later, CASTLECLIFF marries vintage charm with modern elegance, inspired by its heritage of bold, colorful jewelry. Each piece is crafted in NYC using recycled brass, vintage glass stones, and upcycled vintage deadstock components, reflecting a steadfast commitment to sustainability while embracing NYC's storied tradition in jewelry making. Under Stephanie's leadership, CASTLECLIFF's bold silhouettes and intricate details create timeless treasures for the modern woman who values both style and eco-friendly practices.

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Charlie and Marcelle

Inspired by love, magic, and the mysticism of the universe, Charlie and Marcelle is Kristina Jacob’s tangible manifestation of these concepts. Based out of Studio City, California, Jacob’s is constantly inspired by her surroundings, but the true driving force behind her line is truly derived from her mother. “She is the reason I do this. I am living and fulfilling my dream for her. I wish I could have created a piece for her.”

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Crumi Stuff
Crumi Stuff is the embodiment of love and acceptance, flaws and all. Handmade in Orlando, Florida by Gabriella Seviya Schultz, Crumi Stuff jewelry is meant to make you look cute, feel confident, and smile.
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Dea Dia

Dea Dea is designed by self taught artist Jessica Lawson.  All of Dea Dia's jewelry is handcrafted in L.A. and Joshua Tree and made from sculptural wax carvings, recycled metals and unique and ethically sourced gemstones. Jessica's designs are inspired by nature, myth, and mysticism with a signature style that’s organic and perfectly imperfect.

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Drae Collection
Founded by Aurelie Noel, Drae Collection's mission is to empower women to feel their best, beautiful and confident every day, from casual to chic, with elevated bold accessories. The line is crafted to perfection in Montreal, Canada, and works with jewelers and production partners that share their core values. Drae Collection features bold styles and vintage inspired designs.
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Edith Barbarella

Designer Meredith Morris-Backhouse launched Edith Barbarella from her home in Brisbane, Austalia in May of 2023 with the intention of creating pieces that borrow from traditional craftsmanship and celebrate materials loved by jewelry wearers through the millennia: shell, talismans on knotted cord, stone, etc. Each piece is carefully handmade in small batches, giving Edith Barbarella pieces a truly unique and one of a kind feel.

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Eight Five One
Eight Five One was founded by self-taught designer and maker, Nia Coffey who began making jewelry at the age of 15. She currently runs Eight Five One in her LA studio while raising her family. 
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Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth Stone fell into the jewelry design business on accident. “I was working as Creative Director and started making jewelry on the side as a new creative outlet. I fell in love with hunting for gemstones and the entire process of creating jewelry so much that it didn’t take long before I realized that I wanted to spend more time pursuing it as a full-time career.” Stone’s pieces are inspired by the women who wear them and the culture of Los Angeles.
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Emery and Opal
Emery and Opal was founded by Amanda and Tiffany who are sisters and best friends. They have been making jewelry since they were little kids, selling friendship bracelets to all the other kids on the block. Through school, jobs and raising a family they kept pushing towards the dream of running their small business. They create simple, dreamy, and celestial semi-fine jewelry. Inspired by all of nature, whether it be flowers blooming in the ground or the endless cosmic beauty of the night sky. These sisters love combining both styles and ideas to create the perfect piece of jewelry for you.
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Emi Conner
Emi Connor received a hematite ring, fell in love with gemstones, and subsequently began jewelry making in 2013. The brand is influenced by colors and nature that Emi finds in the outside world: “beautiful colors of gemstones, the blue sky, pink peony flowers, the greens reds and yellows of the autumn leaves.”
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Inspired by the sun, sand, and glam of Los Angeles. Ettika designs jewelry to help women look and feel their best - because a woman’s best accessory is her confidence.
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After graduating from Parsons School of Design, Alexandra Cole Nelson spent time crafting her skills and technique under the guidance of some of the industry’s top designers. These experiences helped Alexandra hone her skills while simultaneously solidifying her passion for fine jewelry. By setting simple, clean designs with complex and brilliant stones, each piece makes a statement.

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Family Gold

Each style from the Family Gold collection is a modern heirloom, created using solid gold and natural gemstones. Family Gold shows us how powerful a piece of jewelry can be: A memento for a special occasion, a gift for yourself, the piece you wear everyday. Shop modern, affordable fine jewelry here.

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Five and Two

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Briana Rose was making and selling jewelry as early as high school, naming the line after herself before rebranding to what is now known as Five and Two. “I’m an entrepreneur and an artist at heart, so I think those two things have always been with me,” she recalls.

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For You, With Love

Launched in 2020, For You, With Love is a Local Eclectic exclusive brand. The bold and colorful designs are inspired by the very womxn who wear the jewelry. The Chicago-based brand focuses on unique and unexpected easy to wear statement jewelry.

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Girls Crew
Los Angeles based Girls Crew was founded by Jina Chang in 2017. Jina got her start in fashion and design when she was younger, taking apart chains from handbags, key chains, and old necklaces and reassembling them into unique accessories. With her combined fine arts background, experience within the fashion industry, international market surveys and commitment to providing quality products to her customers, Girls Crew is Jina’s passion that turned into a career.
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Hailey Gerrits
It was the unknown origins and histories of aged metals, and the uniqueness of hand cut gemstones, that captured the imagination of Hailey Gerrits and started her journey in jewelry making. Gerrits infuses her modern designs with centuries-old legacies, calling forth some of the finest traditions in art and beauty. In aged brass and bold design, she finds the ability to bring classic style with modern sensibility.
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Harvest Moon
Live by the sun, love by the moon! This collection features solid gold jewelry designed with intention. Discover Harvest Moon exclusively at Local Eclectic.
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Hunt of Hounds
Hunt of Hounds is a woman-led family jewelry business designed in Vancouver, Canada by Sabrina Johnson. Inspired by history, romance, adventure, and magic, their handcrafted jewelry mixes heritage style and modern trends.
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I like It Here Club
I Like it Here Club is a jewelry line created by designer and goldsmith Yeager in Wilmington, NC. Named after her grandfather Fred's morale-boosting club as a young soldier in WWII. Each heirloom piece is handmade with the intention of reminding the wearer that he or she likes it here, wherever that may be. The brand promotes positive energy, adventure and reflection, daydreaming and night dreaming, and clear, pure joy.
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Joy Dravecky

Founded by Joy Dravecky in 2009 following the birth of her first son, Joy Dravecky Jewelry has evolved from the hobby of a new mom into a lifelong passion. Joy's ethos has always been about creating a little bit of beauty in a woman's life, no matter who she is or what she is doing.

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Kamaria means “moonlight” in Swahili. Kamaria's goal is to empower the people who wear their jewelry. 10% of Kamaria’s profits benefit Restore Dignity, a non-profit which gives direct support to survivors of power-inequality trauma, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, stalking or hazing during their pursuit of a higher education.

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KOZAKH was founded in 2013 by Cyntia Kozak after an unexpected move brought her from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to her new home in Los Angeles, California. With a background in fashion, and a passion for making jewelry, Cyntia arrived in LA with a head full of ideas, her jewelry tools, and a dream to share her passion for fashion and design with the world.

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La Kaiser

La Kaiser Jewelry is founded by Swiss native Cindy Kaiser. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe and now lives in the windy city of Chicago. Cindy merges her background in art, fashion, design, and metal smithing with her unconventional upbringing to bring her customers something gorgeous, modern, and totally unique.

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Leah Alexandra

It’s difficult to believe that the success of Leah Alexandra’s line all began with a single piece of jewelry. Desperate and unable to find the perfect turquoise necklace, Leah searched for a gemstone supplier and made one. 15 years later, they're  still designing effortless and thoughtful pieces that inspire the same initial obsession. Currently based in Vancouver, Canada, Leah is influenced by both the clean and crisp aesthetic of the city as well as its people.

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Leeada Jewelry started as an idea by gemstone devotees desiring a space for jewelry between fashion and heirloom. Styles that are on trend, but not trendy, youthful but mature, and seemingly effortless and aspiring. Their collections reflect pieces that evoke a spirit that glides gracefully through the seasons, unbeholden by a calendar ~ a spirit much like our beloved City of Angels where the line was first imagined. Leeada is proudly women-owned, and operated, and worn by anyone and everyone who loves jewelry as much as the Leeada team does.
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Lili Claspe

Designer and founder Stephie Tchamanian started Lili Claspe in 2011. What began as a desire for jewelry that aligned with her personal style, Stephie started hand-making the pieces with an elegant edge that she was looking for. She finds it important that her jewelry speaks to women and helps them accentuate their personal style.

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Local Eclectic
Online jewelry store featuring emerging and indie designers from across the globe.
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Lover's Tempo
While sourcing textiles for a local fashion designer, Elaine Kim realized that she was longing for a creative outlet of her own. She had the desire to apply her artistic aesthetic to something that could easily be worn, so she launched Lover's Tempo in 2008. Based in Vancouver, Elaine is influenced by the laid-back, no fuss culture that surrounds her.
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Melinda Maria

Explore our collection of Melinda Maria jewelry designs and styles. Having never grown out of her childhood obsession with jewelry and all things that sparkle, Melinda Maria debuted her brand in 2005. Based in Los Angeles, the designer is influenced by the effortless cool that the people in the city exude. “People don't want to look like they tried that hard to be cool. And there is a chic casualness about LA fashion and culture that I love.” The designer likes to keep her eyes open when looking for design inspiration. “Anything can be inspiring if you are open to it and aware."

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Merewif was launched in 2012 by apparel designer Savannah Watson. Meaning “sea witch” in Old English, Watson wanted the name of her line to reflect her endless love of nature’s textures and movements. Primarily self-taught, she credits her success partly to launching her line without industry influence. 

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Designed in Chicago by Jenni Dowie, Miarante is a collection of unique fine jewelry. Every Miarante piece has been inspired by the many different aspects of the designer's homeland; the rugged mountains, forests and deep clear lochs of the Scottish countryside. Each Gaelic/Scots item name reflects a place, a mood, a history. Tourmaline stones capture the subtle colors of green moss, pink heather, bracken and fern; a landscape that is sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle, but always mystical.
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On The Lookout Jewelry
O N T H E L O O K O U T Jewelry is designed and created by Erica Young, piece by piece, bead by bead. Being 'on the lookout' is Erica's constant reminder to keep her eyes, ears and heart open - always aware of the silent draw and gentle pull of what she loves to do, as it will never lead her astray. She encourages you to be on the lookout for beautiful, everyday inspiration in your own life, as well as every opportunities the universe provides to help you create a life that you love.
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OOAK by Local Eclectic

Discover OOAK by Local Eclectic, our exclusive offering of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and gems. Explore the collection of premade rings with unique gems sourced by Local Eclectic Founder Alexis, or customize a ring piece with our design team.

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Ottoman Hands
Ottoman Hands is an independent jewelry brand with craftsmanship and sustainability at its core, fusing Eastern and Western influences through contemporary and elevated designs. Founder and Creative Director Deniz Gurdal started the brand on London’s Portobello Market in 2010 and works closely with an independent workshop in Istanbul to create sustainable, hand-crafted jewelry. Their jewelry is handset with semi-precious stones using modern artisanal techniques, which makes each piece unique and timeless.
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Sisters Marcela and Natalia or Pajarolimon were brought up in Medellin, Colombia, and having spent their childhoods in forests and on hilltops, their dream was to create a universe of objects that also translated their surroundings into treasures for other collectors. Pajarolimon jewelry is made using recycled materials from certified suppliers.

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Paradigm Design
Inspired by long days spent in the sun, road trips up the coast and nights under the desert sky. Paradigm Design is handmade at their Costa Mesa, CA studio. All of their products are made with intention, in house by their small team of female metalsmiths.
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Petit Moments

Petit Moments is an emerging woman owned brand from Los Angeles, CA. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through clothing and accessories without being discouraged by a price tag. 

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Scosha Woolridge designs her namesake line of colorful fine jewelry in Brooklyn, NY blending the raw with the refined to create luxurious, eclectic pieces. Discover Scosha's unique solid gold jewelry with colorful gemstones. 
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Created in 2009, New York City-based brand Shashi is heavily inspired by global travel and womanhood. The brand's pieces reflect the bold and colorful cultures of the world and embody the individuality of women everywhere. "Untold stories and femininity inspire me on a daily basis", says Shashi founder. Equal parts playful and fashion-forward, the brand's pieces are made for modern women who refuse to limit their style.
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Sofia Zakia

Fueled by a love for working with her hands and storytelling, Sofia Ajram launched her brand after graduating with a degree in Japanese and Women’s Studies. “I’m inspired and drawn to the same paths that have drawn me my whole life: mysticism, magic, and the unknown.” Each piece is designed and made in Montreal with an enduring commitment to environmental principles and sustainable and conflict-free materials.

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Tai Jewelry

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Tai Rittichai’s artistic upbringing and interest in jewelry making blossomed into a full time business when she launched Tai Jewelry in 2002. Years later, Tai still devotes the same attention to detail as the day she first started. Tai is proud to employ and support some of the finest artisans in Thailand to create her line and she strives to keep the art of handcrafted jewelry alive.

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Twenty Compass

Twenty Compass is designed in Montreal, Canada by Laurence Bedard. Known for their unique and minimalistic designs, Twenty Compass jewelry is created to be timeless in quality and style. Shop classic rings, earrings, and necklaces from Twenty Compass at Local Eclectic.

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The creative duo behind Vale, twin sisters Eva Bai and Ava Bai have always been fascinated with hands-on art. For the last decade, New York based Vale Jewelry has established itself as the go-to brand for both modern and alternative brides looking for bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands. Using recycled gold and responsibly-mined diamonds and gems, the line believes in creating beautiful pieces through sustainable sourcing and ethical practices.
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Yam is a jewelry brand founded by designer Morgan Thomas and based in Queens, New York. Yam creates playful jewelry both in design and practice. Trained as a sculptor, Thomas uses explorative art processes to create each piece and embraces nostalgic silhouettes, industrial elements and nature motifs.The accessory line serves as an ode to Thomas' late mother who introduced her to jewelry making at a young age.

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Designer Jessica Hendricks-Yee was born in Paris and grew up outside Manhattan with eyes glued to the cases in her mother’s jewelry shop. Since founding Zahava, Hendricks-Yee has been named a Forbes 30 Under 30, interviewed by MSNBC, and invited as a guest to the White House. Jessica’s passion lies in using design as a platform to tell powerful stories through symbolic objects.

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