Meet Our New Designers

Discovery and collaboration are at the core of what makes Local Eclectic different, and we're always searching for new talent to add to our roster of independent jewelry designers. The newest additions to the LE family all have different aesthetics and stories with one common thread: they're all equal parts unique and stunning. From bold and modern to organic and handmade, discover the ethos and inspiration behind four of our newest jewelry lines.

Hailey Gerrits

Hailey Gerrits jewelry designer and earrings
Shop the look: Venus Drop Earrings in Pink Amethyst

It was the unknown origins and histories of aged metals, and the uniqueness of hand cut gemstones, that captured the imagination of Hailey Gerrits and started her journey in jewelry making. Gerrits infuses her modern designs with centuries-old legacies, calling forth some of the finest traditions in art and beauty. In aged brass and bold design, she finds the ability to create classic styles with modern sensibility. Her pieces are handmade and sustainable using natural gems and vintage recycled chains, fully embodying the notion of "one of a kind."

Petit Moments

Petit Moments jewelry designers and rings
Shop the look: Square Stone Ring, Beaded Ring, Oval Disc Ring, Oval Dome Ring

Founded by Alexandria Rosa and Regan Lowe, Petit Moments was created as a side hustle built  around the idea that everyone should have access to the accessories of the moment without being discouraged by the price point. Having worked in the apparel space for most of their careers, they combine an eye for trends with a focus on accessibility to create unique and eye-catching pieces that won’t cost you a month’s rent. Petit Moments is a go to collection for modern statement jewelry that you can actually afford.

Lindsay Lewis

Lindsay Lewis jewelry designer and earrings
Shop the look: Remi Earrings, Avery Earrings in Rainbow

Metalsmithing has captured the heart and hands of Chicago artist Lindsay Lewis for over 15 years. Drawing inspiration from her home in Chicago and travels on the west coast, Lindsay's minimal yet interesting work celebrates independence from expectations. To her, each creation is a work of art and soul only made more beautiful by the brilliant women who wear them. She hopes they serve as a reminder of, and connection to, the extraordinary lives women forge every day. Lindsay's handmade pieces are made of simple geometric shapes in interesting combinations to create jewelry that's both wearable and unique.

Sophie Monet

Sophie Monet unique handmade jewelry designer
Shop the look: The Wood Heart Earrings

Born from a single piece of wood, Sophie Monet is a line of handmade jewelry and accessories, lovingly made in Venice, California. Designed by Sophie Monet Okulick, the collection is a reflection of her life spent around wood, sitting with her dad, sculptor John Okulick, in his studio, and earnestly soaking up her surroundings. An affinity for the material’s endless design options and a desire to be mindful of sustainability led Okulick to create her entire first collection, cut and crafted of wood. Her newest collection combines a more modern aesthetic with her signature natural materials.

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