Susan Alexandra knows how to have fun with fashion

Susan Alexandra at Chinatown Flower Stand

About Susan Alexandra

I live in Chinatown, NYC which has played a key role in my aesthetic. Everyday you are inundated with so many colors, sounds, noises, all gets absorbed and poured out into my work. I also happen to live next to an outrageously vibrant fruit stand which is endlessly inspiring. Susan Alexandra launched 3 years ago after a life long love of jewelry. I started taking metal jewelry classes and fell in love with the idea that I could create tiny, wearable art.

About the jewels

Sandia Bracelet by Susan Alexandra
The Sandia Bracelet because there is no fruit more beautiful in the world and because watermelons represent abundance and juiciness in life. 
tres ojos bracelet by Susan Alexandra 
Tres Ojos and Ojo Bracelet feature my favorite symbol, the eye. A protector from bad spirits and energy and a reminder to follow your incredibly wise intuition.
Doodle cuff by Susan Alexandra 
Doodle Cuff is a sketchbook come to life. I love the Doodle Cuff. It makes me happy every time I catch a glimpse of her on my wrist.
Dippin' Dots reminds me of the sweet summer treats that seemed to be made of magic when I was a little girl.
Things I ate bracelet by Susan Alexandra 
Things I Ate Bracelet because even when I'm on a veggie paleo vegan kick, I'm always dreaming of tacos, doughnuts and of course, avocado!
Kandinsky Bracelet by Susan Alexandra 
Kandinsky Bracelet is inspired by the beautiful collection of Kandinsky's found at the Guggenheim museum. The sparseness and energy in his work is so vibrant and has so much beautiful movement.
Discovery Zone bracelet by Susan Alexandra 
Discovery Zone is inspired by ball pits, sans all the gross bacteria.
Happy Hippy Miley Cyrus bracelet by Susan Alexandra 
The Happy Hippie was an ode to all things Miley Cyrus-and she wears this piece too!

In another life

If I wasn't a jewelry designer, I'd be a holistic healer

About being a creative female entrepreneur 

Energy and inspiration are difficult to summon up at all times. Also it's a lot of hard, diligent, detail oriented work. Of course, there is a huge pay off, that's why I'm still here! Not everyone will be happy for you and your successes so know who you can share with. Not everyone is meant to be a business owner and their own boss. Not everyone will get you and your vision, so trust it and love it more than anything in the world. Keep GOING!
Susan Alexandra with painting

About finding creativity 24/7

Anything and everything Mexican. I was Frida Kahlo in a past life.

Dream customers

Frida! Sally Singer, Rihanna, Lena Dunham, Kim Kardashian, North West, Fran Lebovitz, and Lynn Yaeger

On her personal style

Retired art therapist who yearns to connect to her grand children.

The future of Susan Alexandra

My goal is for Susan Alexandra to transcend jewelry. I plan on introducing textiles, skin care, fragrance, oils and homegoods. I want to employ an army of women and offer support, education and lots of love. When I moved to NYC, I was utterly lost and frightened and I hoped and prayed for guidance. Then I realized that I could be that guiding light. And that is still my goal. 
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