Keltie Leanne Designs Jewelry That's the Opposite of Fast Fashion

Keltie Leanne Designs was founded in 2011 in Vancouver Canada as a creative outlet for the designer while she worked full time in ad sales. The line has grown far beyond a side project for the designer and her latest Geo Collection features classic shapes with a minimal punch of sparkle. Her feminine line features ethically sourced, conflict free diamonds set in solid 14K rose gold; two things that make us smile from ear to ear. Shop her collection here

11 things you didn't know about Keltie Leanne of Keltie Leanne Designs

I live in Vancouver, Canada and there is no shortage of inspiration that comes
from living here, especially in the form of the natural beauty that surrounds us and the
number of talented creatives and entrepreneurs in the city.

I started Keltie Leanne designs in late 2011, when a creative and entrepreneurial itch led me to make my first pair of earrings. I became almost immediately fascinated with the idea of becoming a jewelry designer, and quickly set my business into motion.

Seeing how women respond to my pieces when they wear them is very exciting and rewarding.

The Geo Collection was inspired by my desire to create a collection of stacking rings that was both timeless and unique. The Circle and Square Geo rings have been designed to nest perfectly together, worn mixed and matched or beautifully solo. I love the fresh and minimal look of the geometric shapes, and the tiny diamond is a little something special for the wearer.

I wear the square Geo Ring daily – sometimes stacked with a favorite statement ring (I
love the mix of delicate and bold) and other days, solo.

Since starting Keltie Leanne Designs I’ve also been working in radio advertising sales, but I imagine that even without having embarked on this path as a designer, I would have some strong involvements in art, design or music. I trained for a long time as a classical singer, and have always had a deeply creative life. Writing is also something I very much enjoy, so if I wasn't a jewelry designer perhaps I would have delved further into that.

Trying to find balance in my life, to get it all done, and up to the high standard I set for myself is one of the biggest challenges I face in my work. It’s also been challenging navigating the ins and outs of the jewelry industry, whether that’s finding gemstone suppliers, learning the world of wholesale, and generally understanding the various facets of the business.

I’m find inspiration in the gemstones I work with. I consider myself a bit of a rock nerd, and get pretty over-the-top exited when buying and playing with beautiful gems.

My dream customer is anyone who gets super stoked about my pieces and just really seems to “get” what I’m working to create, both in my designs, and my overall brand. When I meet a customer at an event who tells me that what they love about my pieces and it's the very same things I work so hard to instill in my designs – that’s very rewarding. I feel very fortunate to have some really amazing customers who have been so supportive of my line and who I genuinely love interacting with – whether that be in person, or online.

I wish I’d had greater confidence in myself, sooner. I think that artistic people generally have perfectionistic tendencies, and it’s sometimes easy to focus on the areas where we fall short, rather than excel.

My personal style is very similar to my brand. While I love to inject pops of color, unique statement pieces and take cues from looks that inspire me, I refuse to be a slave to trends, and generally gravitate toward timeless clothing and accessories that I can wear for years, and not just a season.

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