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The #1 Accessory You Need to Own this Season

Posted by Alexis Nido-Russo on

The mid-90's choker trend is making a major comeback! From the runway to the street and bloggers galore, it's about to pop off.

If you're too young to quote Clueless and Mad Love, let's take a quick look at chokers then and now. These are the OG's and the newbies of chokers.

Then: Drew Barrymore circa 1994

Drew Barrymore wearing a choker in 1994

Now: We Wore What circa 2016

We Work What wearing a choker in 2016

Are chokers making a comeback or nah?..As If! (But srsly they are)

Then: Alicia Silverstone in 1995

Alicia Silverstone wearing a choker post Clueless in 1995

Now: Gigi Hadid wearing a choker in 2016

Gigi Hadid wearing a choker in 2016

We're super excited about Brooklyn based jewelry designer Luiny's latest collection which features a wide array of chokers. From bass, to leather and studded chokers, her Sundown Collection has the choker trend on lock. Shop the collection here

Images from our favorite chokers from Luiny's collection.