Pretty porcelain pieces from a pair of Portland painters (whew, that was a mouthful)

Five Things to Know about Lindsay Jordan Kretchun and Rachel Warkentin

1. We're both painters. We’ve collaborated on a number of art projects in the past, but we didn't start our brand until late 2013. We've been friends for over ten years though, so working together comes naturally. 

2. Many of our pieces recall the idea of ancient treasure. We love to combine organic gesture with geometry, architecture and 1920's glamour. We’re inspired by nail art, insects, vintage playboys (ideas pop up in weird places).

3. If we weren’t designers, we daydream about being a ballerina (Lindsay) and a stuntwoman (Rachel).

4. Who’s our dream customer? TILDA SWINTON.

5. It takes time to figure out how things work—to develop and photograph designs, then get them to customers. We felt behind as soon as we started! But then we realized there was no thing as "behind”…it's all just a learning process.

6. When it comes to personal style, Rachel is a stylish 12 year old playing dress-up in 1979 and Lindsay is Stevie Nicks minimalist with a little mid-century Italian fashion.

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