What do Beyonce and Lady Gaga have in common?

The eye-catching jewelry pieces designed by Nina Berenato for her independent accessories line, Psyche Jewelry, have serious star power (Lady Gaga and Beyonce are fans). How does the New York-based designer do it? She pairs rich metals with stunning stones in shapes that reference power and femininity. 

Six Things to Know About Nina Berenato of Psyche Jewelry

1. My first job in New York was styling at a boutique in Soho. But I was really unhappy there, and my boredom with that part of the fashion industry is really what launched me into jewelry.

2. I learn each season from my mistakes. I think the biggest evolution that I can see is that my collections have become more and more focused. People are able to see what I'm trying to say with the collection without any clues from me, and that is really amazing. I get so excited about what I'm making next, and I'm never satisfied. I'm always on a mission to push myself further. 

3. I support other small businesses in any way that I can. I walk down to the neighborhood shops to buy office supplies instead of ordering online. I make sure that I know where the stones I buy are coming from, and that they’ve been ethically mined. I collect all of my scrap metal for refinement, and the caster I go to uses all recycled metal.

4. My favorite piece is the Shaman's medallion. I love everything about this piece, especially the third-eye clasp. It’s part of my Shaman's Trance collection, which is inspired by an endangered tribe. I partnered with Survival International to send a portion of the proceeds to the tribe, which makes it close to my heart.

5. I would freak out if Yoko Ono ever wore something I made.

6. It's thrilling to have a medium like jewelry to express and challenge myself. I'm always amazed by the positive reaction that I get with the line. So I'm just going to try to keep making things people like to wear.


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