Five Things to Know About Meghan Lorenz of Cities In Dust

1. I'm obsessed with Hollywood regency and mid-century modern design. I also have a special place in my heart for Danish designers like Hans Agne Jakobsson. I love Kelly Wearstler, Lindsay Adelman, Tom Dixon, TJ Volonis, and modern-day jewelry designers like Celine, Elke Kramer and Margelia. 

2. I learned how to manage wholesale accounts as the manager of a boutique. I had various jobs after college before landing a job as the store manager of Eskell. It opened my eyes to the world of independent fashion, and it was like a crash course in running the back end of two different fashion businesses.  

3. In my current collection, I’m most proud of my spiral bar earrings. They’re light and I feel like the design is very elegant.

4. I’m a sucker for a good conversational print. I wear very simple silhouettes—a lot of black and white—but love unexpected pops of color. I love stripes, plaids and on occasion polka dots. My boldest statements would likely be my sunglasses or shoes. Overall, it’s a hodgepodge of decades and eras with extra love for the 80s and punk rock. 

5. I dream a lot about using textiles, as well as having my own small home line. I take it all day by day. Trends change so quickly, so right now I’m really focused on making work that ages gracefully and can possibly transition into something bigger.

**images pulled from @citiesindust

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