Meghan Lorenz schools us on how to buy jewelry made to last

Secret Tips for Buying Sturdy Jewelry

In the vast sea of modern jewelry made these days, how do you pick out the diamonds among the rough (not literal diamonds in most cases…but you know what we mean)? To get the scoop on what to look for when it comes to investing in your next accessory, we picked the brain of an expert who uses top-notch materials to create stunning pieces. Here are five tips from Meghan Lorenz we plan to follow from here on out. 

  1. Beware of solder or file marks. The piece should be clean, smoothly polished, and all one color.
  2. Maintenance is key. It’s very important, and people don’t realize how simple it is. Stock up on jewelry cloths (you can buy them at a jewelry store or order them online in packs for cheap). Home remedies can work too.
  3. Check the chain. Give it a quick, delicate pull to make sure it won’t snap.
  4. Look for a solid clasp. Sometimes toggle clasps don’t work well and slip out, so just make sure the clasp will hold tight. I generally use lobster clasps.
  5. Ask questions. When in doubt, ask about how something is made or what materials are used.

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**image from @citiesindust

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