Wearable works of art from Shikama

Sarah Shikama, a graduate of SAIC, studied fibers, printmaking and painting in school. So it’s only natural that her Chicago-based independent jewelry line Shikama reflects an artistic aesthetic. Shikama marries metals and semi-precious stones in delicate, timeless fashion, piece after piece.

Four Things to Know About Sarah Shikama of Shikama


1. I’m a jewelry designer by night. In the day I work in fashion sales and styling at Penelope's. I have a studio located in the Kinzie industrial corridor, near Ukrainian Village. 

2. I look for visuals in foreign cinema, sculpture, travel, and the infinite abyss of Tumblr. I like to reference jewelry in museums and old textbooks. I'm interested in the craftsmanship and attention to detail in ancient designs and techniques. 

3. My most recent collection, cast in bronze and silver with stone settings, is influenced strongly by Brâncuși, a Romanian artist.
4. The princess X necklace is one of my favorites. It was the first cast and completed necklace in the collection.

** all images from @s_shikama **

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