Get the nail look designed by Astrowifey to compliment the sculptural midi nail ring

To celebrate her collaboration midi ring with Cities in Dust, Astrowifey dreamed up a special design just for our photo shoot. Below, Ashley shares how to copy the look at home and rock our midi like a boss.

Step 1: Apply one coat of a base color.

Step 2: Starting at the cuticle of one nail, paint half way up the nail with the contrasting color. If you make a mistake, don't worry. Once it dries you can use the base color to fix where the line may not be even.

Step 3: Using a darker, bold shade (like black) and a thin brush, apply a strip of color alongside the side of the nail, trimming the nail the color and dragging it to the end to give it the look of an exaggerated French tip.

Step 4: Apply a top coat. When dry, slip on our sculptural midi nail!

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