5 things you need to know about Luiny Rivera of Luiny

Luiny Rivera founded Luiny way back in 2003 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over the past decade, the New Yorker's uniquely handcrafted designs—influenced by tribal style pieces and ornamental art from around the world—have attracted such fashion heavyweights as Mara Hoffman. Isn’t it easy to see why?

Five things to know about Luiny Rivera of Luiny

1. Before doing jewelry I was studying to become a teacher. But I soon discovered that it wasn't my passion. I began to make art through jewelry and painting. After years of learning by myself, I created what Luiny is today.

2. Moving to New York from San Juan opened my mind to many possibilities and ways of designing jewelry.

3. I find interesting forms in the designs of African and Latin American tribal cultures, in the ways of representing their world and society.

4. Being part of Mara Hoffman's runway show at the NY fashion week was a dream come true. Hard work and social media exposure is really important for designers like me and can lead to amazing collaborations. I'm truly thankful of all the people around me that support my work and helped me to be in the place and time that I am now.

5. My favorite piece of this collection is the Tisek ring because, as a design, it puts together the forms and shapes of tribal ornaments from where I was first inspired.

**All images from @luiny

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