Bright bags with an Amy Schumer sense of humor

Based in Austin, Texas, Vanessa Crook draws on the bright colors and laid-back lifestyle of her surroundings to create her playful accessories line REALM. A clever clash of color, shape, and humor, Crook’s designs are downright addictive.

Five Things to Know about Vanessa Crook of REALM

1. I spent my childhood digging through my mother's costume closet and sewing frilly dresses with my grandmother. I started college in a fashion design program but ended up finishing my undergrad in studio art and anthropology. So even when I wasn't making work as a 'designer,' I was concerning myself with working as an artist and making informed aesthetic decisions. It has all been part of one swirling soup of influence and experience that led me to Realm.

2. How do I define my personal style? Nail polish emoji.

3. I carry either my pink confetti bag or round mudra bag most frequently, and I couldn't be prouder when I get compliments on them. Each of those designs came to me fully formed in a moment of inspiration and I loved seeing them through to execution. But all of my pieces are personal and biographical in some silly way or another.

4. Bumper stickers are a constant source of humor and weirdo inspiration for me. Especially the ones about aliens and angels. Classic one-liners.

5. If I got an order from Lady Miss Kier or Solange, I would flip TF out.

**Images from @shoprealm and @saintrecords

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