A mother-daughter clothing line that gets along just fine

Toujours Toi Family Affairs is a mother-daughter clothing line by way of pen pal. Nina Egli, a former dancer and actress, lives in New York, while her mother Kaya Elgi is based in Switzerland. Since 2008, the two have been designing under this label, drawing on Nina’s city inspirations and Kaya’s career as the house designer for the Beatles Apple Boutique in London.

Six Quick Things to Know About Nina Egli of Toujours Toi Family Affairs

1. This line was inspired by Italy. My boyfriend is Italian, and we vacationed there last June. It was amazing to travel in his home country. I loved all of the ice cream parlors, the striped beach umbrellas, the trucks that sold fruit and just being lazy.
2. If I wasn't a designer, I'd be an herbalist beauty elixir alchemist (my hobby).
3. My customers are my dream customers. Seriously! I get the sweetest e-mails from my customers and they make my day every day.
4. One thing I wish I knew before I started: Work hard but have a life too! Don't overdo it.
5. I send inspiration packages to my mother in Switzerland. It’s how we start our collaboration process.
6. I want to make clothes that make you feel happy and confident, so if you look in the mirror you say "hell yeah!"
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