5 O'CLOCK FRIDAY // Spanish Pink Sangria of Cava

WHO // Laura Gabarró Soteras
WHAT // Blogger at The Careless Blogger
WHERE // London

Spanish Pink Sangria of Cava

1 bottle of Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé
Chilled 3/4 cup strawberries
Sliced 3/4 cup ripe peaches or oranges, diced
Sliced lemon (optional)
1 cup sparkling water 
Half cup to 1 powdered sugar 
1 cup of Cointreau (or half Cointreau and half Rum)
1/4 cup grenadine to bring that pink colour!
Fresh lemon juice

1. Fill a jar with cava
2. Throw in some diced strawberries, peaches and/or oranges
3. Add sparkling water, powdered sugar and lemon juice
4. Add cointreau 
4. Sparkle your drink with some grenadine to bring the pink colour!
5. Decorate your glass with some diced fruits
6. Enjoy your drink!
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