Sake Cooler with DJ Lani Love

WHO // Lani Nguyen
WHAT // DJ Lani Love
WHERE // Chicago

We're crushing hard on this week's recipe for two reasons: 1. It can be made in less than 60 seconds (calling all lazy girls!) 2. The base is sake, or Japanese rice wine, and we don't discriminate when it comes to our love of vino. When we asked Chicago's DJ Lani Love to spend 5 O'CLOCK FRIDAY with us, we knew she could mix up the tunes. Now she's proved that she can mix up a damn good cocktail, too!

Sake Cooler

2oz of junmai or dry sake
a splash of coconut water
a squeeze of fresh lime juice 

1. Fill a glass with ice
2. Add the juice from half a lime
3. Add sake
4. Top with a splash of coconut water and enjoy!
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