Meet Amy Agamemnon, the LA-based designer behind this delicate hexagon-shaped collection

Amy Agamemnon, a former East Coaster now based in LA, is a bit of a worker bee. The former FIT graduate who once designed for mass-market companies like Target and Urban Outfitters, now works full-time at Poketo and designs her own line on the side. We're stuck on her recent collection of beautiful gold and blue hexagon-shaped pieces, inspired by honeybees.

Five Fast Things to Know About Amy Agamemnon

1. LA may be a city, but there are so many bits and pieces of natural beauty everywhere. Flowers—jacaranda trees, calliandra, lantanas, bougainvilleas—grow year round in even the most obscure places. It’s nice to be able to go on a hike or up to Malibu to just clear your mind, and then come back to the city and be inspired by architecture.    
2. I’ve had a jewelry designer mentality since I was really young. I grew up making and wearing costume baubles, and in high school I learned more traditional metalsmith techniques. While in school full-time at FIT, I also worked as a jewelry designer for private label costume jewelry companies. I designed for mass-market companies like Target, Urban Outfitters, and Lord and Taylor. And now I work full-time as the Wholesale Operation Manager for LA-based art company Poketo. Having my own jewelry company is my ultimate end goal.

3. My first collection was entirely inspired by the honeybee and honeycomb. When I first moved here, I noticed that with all of the flowers come bees.  I watched a couple of documentaries regarding honeybees and the colony collapse disorder. Hexagons are considered one of the most efficient shapes in nature, and honeybees are known for being hard workers.  

4. I wear the Stinger Ring everyday—plus sneakers. Like my jewelry, my style is simple with a touch of edge. The Stinger ring is my first solid gold piece with an inlaid diamond; it’s an understated piece. And all of my necklaces can be worn together in a layered fashion or worn by themselves as simple statement pieces. As for my wardrobe, it consists of four colors: black, white, grey and blue. Everything is interchangeable.  

5. I admire women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Emma Watson and Amy Poehler are strong-minded and inspiring examples for young women around the world, so I would be pretty excited to see either of them wear my jewelry.  


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