Pineapple Punch with Caitlin Peters

WHO // Caitlin Peters
WHAT // National Conference Planner and bunny mama
WHERE // Chicago countryside
INSTAGRAM // @wanderlustings

Caitlin is a mama to a pair of fur bunnies (Alphonso and Lola), a conference planner by day, and an aspiring song bird at night who lives in the western suburbs of Chicago. But scroll through her Instagram feed and you'll swear she's an urbanite. From bunny pics to selfies, we simply can't get it enough. This week, she's mixed up the perfect transitional cocktail to help take our 5 O'CLOCK FRIDAYS from summer to fall. Grab a bottle of rum, a coupe and enjoy!

Pineapple Punch 

8 oz pineapple juice
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk (make it sweetened condensed coconut milk for vegans or allergen sensitivities) 
2 oz (or more ;D) rum of choice
pineapple slice for garnish (optional)
1. Combine all ingredients.
2. Stir well.
3. Pour over ice.
4. Garnish if desired.
5. Sit back and enjoy.
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