Sexy Underthings for Earthlings

Inspired by bi-coastal living and a lack of cute, well-made bralettes in the world, sisters Brittany and Madison Cerullo launched EastnWest Label in 2014. A marriage of lush, quality materials and flattering lines, the collection brings sexy back in a big way. 


  1. We get most of our inspiration from those, "I have no clothes!" moments in the morning. We make the clothes and lingerie that we're missing in our closets. ---Brittany
  2. I seriously wear the Orion bra in the classic lace version every single day. It's so comfy and shows the perfect amount of skin, so you can wear it under sheer stuff without any nip slips (always a plus). I also absolutely love the simple band going across it, it looks amazing with low cut tank tops. ---Madison
  3. Traveling back and forth between LA and NY inspired both of us to start this line. We would get so sick of packing for two very different climates, so we wanted to make clothing that fit both places visually and in practicality. ---Brittany
  4. We grew up in the industry helping our parents and sister doing little tasks for their jewelry company. We were constantly in their studio stringing beads, gold leading and adding grommets on leather, and sewing outfits. Our parents would pull us out of school to go to trade shows, it was the best. ---Madison
  5. The Gazer and the Mercury bras are our party bras. They're the bras you want people to see peeking out from under your low-cut dress or tank top. ---Brittany
  6. We wish we could keep making new shit and have a fairy godmother deal with the business side of things. It's really tough to not let that stuff bring you down and block your creativity. The amount of paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo you have to read and fill out is such a pain. It's not even that it's difficult, it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it. ---Madison
  7. When I'm stuck or feeling bored with what I'm working on, I'll often sort though my collection of old photographs (late 1800s-early 1950s). You can see some of that inspiration in our material choices, lace patterns, florals, and velvets for our lingerie. ---Brittany
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