Sporty leather bags with chic edge from The Transience

Founded by British designer Sarah Clarkson, this luxurious line of convertible bags goes on the grid in textured lambskin. Driven by the versatility required for city living, the all-black designs are sporty in the most sophisticated way.

Five Fast Things to Know about Sarah Clarkson of The Transience

  1. I live in New York now, which has pushed me to be more bold and confident, move faster, work harder and maintain higher standards. Transience pieces are designed for this fast paced, on-the-move lifestyle.

  1. I often have greater expectations for what’s possible than can realistically pulled off in one day.

  1. I work long days and I’m always between my office and the gym. So I tend to pair a lot of sportswear with my regular clothes. It’s pretty typical to see me in some sports leggings with a dress shirt and some designer sneakers or pumps. I have a ton of basic black pieces which makes it easy to mix and match, and since I make my own bags, pretty much all of my budget goes into footwear.  

  1. My random source for inspiration:

  1. Find mentors, people who know the road ahead. They can save you a lot of time, money, and amateur mistakes.
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