Refined pieces by New York City-based Palomarie


Katia Davidson Ferrara’s line of handcrafted jewelry, Palomarie, is inspired by her background in architecture and life in New York City. Although she began tinkering with jewelry just three years ago, Ferrara’s delicate designs—gold and silver-plated pieces accented by simple stones—are expertly made and effortlessly elegant.

Four Fast Things to Know about Katia Davidson Ferrara of Palomarie 

  1. At first I just made pieces for myself. But then people began asking me about them, so I decided to have a go at designing ‘for real.’

  1. I’m constantly torn between designing minimal pieces with just the right amount of adornment and showing restraint..

  1. The Cina handpiece is an all-time favorite. I’ve been wearing for years. I love the attitude it captures.

  1. I’m on Tumblr far too often. I follow mostly artist that do glitch, net, and surf-inspired art. And I’d describe by personal style as surfy. It captures my cool, laidback vibe.

All images from @palomarie

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