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Whiskey Sweet Tea with Tatiana Gabrielle

Posted by Adeline Hocine on

Tatiana Gabrielle is an artist, content creator, and photographer currently living in-between NYC and LA. Most of her time is consumed with creating visuals and marketing for Foxie Cosmetics. Outside of work, she enjoys documenting her travels and the people she meets along the way. 

Find Tatiana on Instagram @tatianagabrielle

Ingredients for a single cocktail: 

  • 1oz of Jack Daniels
  • 6oz of sweet tea
  • 1 whole peach


  1. Cut the peaches up and place them into your sweet tea.
  2. Allow the tea to brew in the sunlight if possible for a few hours.
  3. Once the tea is brewed + chilled, add your whiskey.
  4. Be sure to stir well and enjoy!