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dainty jewels you'll want to wear all day, every day.

Posted by Alexis Nido-Russo on

Our relationship with La Kaiser jewelry was love at first sight. The pieces are dainty, elegant and many feature one of our favorite stones...the awe-inducing opal. With this much beauty and sophistication, it's hard to believe that designer Cindy Kaiser only started her line 2 years ago!

instagram // @lakaiserjewelry

5 things to know about jewelry designer Cindy Kaiser of La Kaiser

1. I lived in DC and LA for 5 years prior to moving to Chicago, and before I moved over to the states I was in Cape Town (South Africa) and Zimbabwe (where I grew up!). Traveling a lot between Europe, Africa and the States and living in several different cities and countries definitely influenced my work and overall design aesthetic.

2I received a BA in Fine Art (specializing in Jewelry Design) at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. After that, I went on to dabble in the fashion industry at FIDM in Los Angeles. 

3. These pieces are inspired by my European travels. A lot of the gemstones that I use are opals; they are full of color and have happy and playful vibes that mix so well with the ‘laissez-faire’ vibe of the Greek Isles. 

4. I find inspiration in gemstone hunting and traveling. 

5. My style is simplistic and minimalistic. I’m not driven by trends at all.