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Traditionally, engagement rings feature sparkly white diamonds but for babes who are looking for something a little more unique, engagement stones and rings can run the gamut. Jewelry designer Lindsay Lewis recently designed an opalicious engagement ring for Duck Dynasty star Rebecca Lo Robertson. We asked Lindsay to pull back the curtain on the process of creating a custom engagement ring and below she shares some exclusive photos of the stunning 2+ carat opal engagement ring she designed for Rebecca.

image @johnreedloflin

Is this the first engagement ring you've designed?

I’ve done a couple other engagement rings in the past and a lot of mens wedding bands.

How did this commission come about?

I sell at a store in New Orleans called The Finery. The owner was helping her brother (who was proposing to Rebecca) with getting the ring and they chose me to help design it.

Explain the design process.

The original idea was to have it be a fine version of the Ada ring because they knew Rebecca really liked that particular ring. We wanted the ring to be totally unique and something no one else would have. I drew up about 10 sketches of different variations and they narrowed it down. Opal is Rebecca's favorite stone so we knew it would include one and the bars and baguette diamonds on the sides are a play off the bars in the Ada ring. The bar closest to the opal are pave gray diamonds because we wanted the ring to have a more unusual look.

Ada Ring

Ada Ring by Lindsay Lewis

How does designing fine jewelry differ from the jewelry you typically produce?

I’m not used to working on such a small scale so that was a challenge. The level of perfection is really amped up because the materials are so expensive it’s important to showcase them as best they can be. You end up nit picking things that are a quarter of a millimeter off.. which is crazy and I’m so not used to that! Doing this ring was definitely a learning experience and a gateway to do more fine jewelry in the future.

For someone looking for a more non-traditional engagement ring, what other stones would you recommend?

Diamonds are always the safest because they are the least likely to be damaged with everyday wear. Anytime you have an engagement ring with softer stones you risk scratches appearing over time. Luckily, they can be taken to a jeweler and re-polished. That being said, I love non traditional stones like rainbow moonstone, labradorite, and topaz which are all translucent but add a little bit of color. Colored diamonds are also a great alternative.

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Unique Opal Engagement Ring Rebecca Lo Robertson
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