8 Pieces Worth Investing In

When it comes to jewelry, we love to be bold and switch up our jewels on the daily to keep our outfits looking fresh, but there are some pieces we can't live without: the perfect diamond necklace that we never take off and the most delicate diamond stacking ring that we wear on our pinky are just two of our can't live withouts. Below are 8 of our favorite investment pieces.

The little black dress of necklaces

14K gold solo diamond necklace

14K gold solo diamond necklace

The teeny tiny diamond white diamond stacking ring

Diamond trio stacking ring

Diamond trio ring

The statement necklace

Statement necklace with pink sapphires and yellow gold

Constellation pendant necklace

Simple but bold gold band

Unique solid gold ring

14K gold arc ring

The instant heirloom ring

opal and diamond engagement ring

Rapture flame ring with opal

The unique diamond band for layering

Unique diamond engagement ring

Multi Line + diamond trinity ring 

The right hand ring

Right hand ring with diamonds

Citadel Ring

The unique engagement ring

Unique opal and diamond engagement ring

Urobune Princess Ring

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