A Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

In case you’re wondering why you may have heard from your ex, sent an email with an unfortunate typo, or experienced a particularly dooming technological malfunction, we’re here to remind you that Mercury is in retrograde. So what exactly does Mercury retrograde mean, why does it cause all these annoying events, and what can you do to counterbalance its effects?

When Mercury is in retrograde, it appears to move backward in its orbit. We’re used to seeing Mercury move around the sun from east to west, but a few times a year (three to four to be exact) Mercury starts moving from west to east. But here’s where it gets interesting: it’s not actually moving backward. Think about when you pass a car on the highway. Once you start driving faster and pass it, when you look back the other car will appear to be moving backward. Similarly, when Mercury is in retrograde, its orbit around the sun becomes slower than Earth’s orbit, which causes the backward illusion.  

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel, technology, and connections of all kinds. When Mercury is in retrograde, it can cause complications in all these aspects of life. Conversations tend to be more difficult, you may find yourself getting lost while driving or noticing more accidents which cause you to be late, and your phone/computer/internet might start giving you issues. And the ex thing? Mercury retrograde brings things up from the past: past traumas, old projects that were never finished, and past relationships. It’s a great time to achieve closure with an ex, but wait until mercury turns direct if you’re thinking about getting back together- astrologers warn against making any big life decisions during this time.

So how can you counterbalance these effects? Take extra care and pay closer attention. If you’re signing a contract, read it through thoroughly. Check emails, texts, etc. multiple times for typos and other errors. Don’t leave liquids near your electronics, and maybe think about blocking the number of a toxic former flame. Certain stones and crystals can also help to counterbalance some of these unfortunate effects:


Wear aquamarine to promote clear communication and calm yourself down (especially after your internet goes out for the 3rd time)


Wear emerald to promote friendship and unity after miscommunications (i.e. that sarcastic text you send that’s taken a little too seriously)


Wear labradorite to aid you in understanding the lessons that Mercury retrograde is teaching you (like the reasons why that toxic ex should stay in the past)


Wear amethyst to counteract your negative thoughts (and alleviate that road rage from sitting in traffic for over an hour)

Evil Eye Charms

Wear an evil eye charm to protect you from bad luck and injury (like tripping over that last stair because you’re running so late to an appointment)

All of this may sound ominous, but there are positives about Mercury retrograde as well. It gives us an excuse to slow down, reflect on the past, and finalize unfinished business. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for growth and moving forward in healthier ways.

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