Affordable Gifts for Your Galentines

They’ve helped you through breakups, edited your responses to those “what’s up” texts from your crush, and are always there to remind you not to settle.  They definitely deserve a gift.  Because we all know our BFFs are our real soulmates, we’re bringing your our top affordable gifts for your galentines.  

Birth Flower Earrings 

A new kind of flower delivery for a new kind of tradition.  We love how Galentine’s Day is a modern take on the V-Day tradition, so what better way to commemorate it than with a new twist on a classic gift?  Send them flowers that will remain perfect past February 14th with their own pair of Birth Flower Earrings.

Solid Gold Heart Studs

We’re here to destroy the notion that solid gold gifts should come from your SO.  Gift fine jewelry to your finest friends with these Solid Gold Heart Studs.  These heirloom quality cuties get bonus points for fitting the holiday theme.

No Bad Vibes Handmade Beaded Bracelet 

There’s no greater gift than good energy.  Send your BFFs an evil eye charm to ward off bad vibes, even when you’re not physically there to have their back.  As if that wasn’t enough to make this bracelet a great gift, it has a nostalgic friendship bracelet style design making it perfect for Galentine’s Day.

Solid Gold Chain Ring

Your friendship will last forever and so will this Solid Gold Chain Ring.  We didn’t design this ring with the intention of creating the perfect dainty piece for you to match with your BFFs; that was just a happy accident.

The Lucky Bracelet 

Let your besties know how lucky you are to have them with The Lucky Bracelet.  This piece goes with absolutely everything which means they’ll never have to be without their new good luck charm.

Dog Mom Bracelet 

Don’t forget your favorite pet parents!  Cat moms, don’t worry, there’s one for you too.  Send this Swarovski crystal bracelet to the person whose most rewarding relationship is with their furry friend.  Double down by signing the card with Love, [ insert pet name here ].

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