All About Acrostic Jewelry

Family Gold is happy to introduce the new Acrostic Jewelry collection!


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Acrostic jewelry uses the first letter of each gemstone to convey secret messages or personal terms of endearment! For instance, the new Solid Gold Grow Acrostic Necklace features a garnet, rose quartz and white moonstone:

Rose quartz
White moonstone

Shop the look: Solid Gold Grow Acrostic Necklace

Acrostic pieces are thought to have originated in Paris and started showing up during the Georgian period and increased in popularity through the Victorian era. The people of these eras loved hidden messages and thought that acrostic jewelry was a beautiful way someone could express their love. It is also believed acrostic jewelry really got its start with Marie Antoinette and the popular jeweler Jean-Baptiste Melleri. 


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Some popular words used included regard, love, adore, and dearest. People also used dates or spelled out their own messages that were more personal.  


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