All About Birth Flowers

In honor of our exclusive birth flower jewelry collection, we’re breaking down the meaning behind birth flowers.  Each month is associated with a flower that grows and flourishes during that time, and these blooms are believed to represent personality traits of people with birthdays in each given month.

January: Carnation

January is the start of a new year, a signal to start fresh with better habits and clear goals, so it’s fitting that its birth flower, the carnation, represents rebirth.  As one of the only flowers that still thrives during the coldest of months, carnations are a bright pop of color even in the gloomiest weather, symbolizing the ability of those born in January to weather any storm.

February: Iris

Iris’ get their name from the Greek goddess Iris who used rainbows as a means to travel and send messages, making this beautiful bloom that comes in a rainbow of shades itself a symbol of communication.  Another flower that flourishes even in colder weather, the Iris represents the hopeful nature of those born in February.

March: Daffodil

Bright and sunny yellow daffodils are symbols of luck across many cultures.  This flower fittingly symbolizes new beginnings as we transition from winter to spring and represents the optimistic outlook of March babies and the happiness they bring the lives of others.

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April: Daisy

Although daisies come in multiple colors, they’re most often pictured in white which is what makes them a symbol of purity and innocence.  This cheerful bloom represents the beauty in simplicity and has a youthful energy for those born in April who remain forever young at heart.

May: Lily of the Valley

Lilies of the valley are known for their sweet scent, representing the sweet and caring nature of those born in May.  This particularly delicate flower symbolizes motherhood and the maternal instinct present in us all, especially fitting for the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day.  

June: Rose

At the beginning of summer blooms the rose, well known across cultures for its representation of love and beauty.  The rose symbolizes the passionate nature of the hopeless romantics born in June as well as their love for aesthetic pleasure and all things beautiful.

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July: Water Lily

Water lilies can be found in ponds throughout the summer and remain visible on the surface for only four days, representing the unique and special personality of July babies.  Their connection to water symbolizes purity and peace, and the fact they float is a nod to the lightheartedness of those born in this month.

August: Poppy

Bright red poppies symbolize imagination, perfect for the creative souls born in August.  In Eastern cultures, this bold bloom with its rich red shade represents love and passion.  Its eye catching color makes the poppy a metaphor for life of the party August babies.

September: Aster

Asters get their name from the Greek word for star because of their unique star shaped petals and throughout history have been linked to magic.  This mystical wildflower represents the loving and expansive nature of those born in September.

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October: Marigold

Rich and warm marigolds mimic the appearance of autumn leaves, making them perfect for fall and October babies.  The shape and color of marigolds gives them their association to the sun and therefore represent creativity and warmth.

November: Chrysanthemum 

Cheerful chrysanthemums bloom in a variety of colors and thrive in both warm and cooler weather, representing the adaptability and go with the flow nature of November babies.  Given their ability to stay alive well into the fall, these bright blooms symbolize longevity.

December: Poinsettia

A popular holiday flower, the poinsettia fittingly represents cheer and celebration, perfect for the optimistic and warm people born in December.  During the height of winter when other plant life has died, bright red poinsettias offer a reminder that there’s always something to celebrate.

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